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Hmmm how odd. I’ll look at it again tomorrow. Strange that it works for some people but not for others. Grrrr…tech!!


Hi folks, there’s a new Beca a’i Phobl episode up (45) - it’s about 10 minutes, so longer than you’ve been used to of late but shorter than in the past! It’s with Leisa Gwenllian, who plays Kylie Walsh in Rownd a Rownd, talking about filming in Covid times and the adaptations the team have had to make in order to bring the series back next month.


Just letting you know that all the Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru productions available online have closed captions in both English and Welsh and are therefore a rich and varied resource.
I will be doing a Beca a’i Phobl with myself (!) discussing their

latest production O Ben’groes at Droed Amser, as I directed it!


I’d love a copy too please @gisella-albertini - sending you my email…


Been watching Ben Groes, in short chunks, and so far without subtitles, so I haven’t understood everything. But I had seen the dreadful business of the swastika on Cymru Fyw, so it was interesting (and sad) to hear her talk about it.

And I took the bus between Bangor and Caernarfon last year for the Parti Penblwydd, so the route was familiar.

Morrison’s Caernarfon (which was the stop I got off at) used to be the railway station, where my grandfather had his final posting as station master (gorsaf feister) before he died.


Ah. It looks like a station type of place.


I am wondering if " at droed amser " is intended to mean something like " at walking pace".

It seems to literally mean “at the foot of time” which I guess could also refer to the base of the clock tower in Bangor


Oh wow, so glad you’re enjoying it and how interesting that you’ve spotted a family connection on the route.
Yes, the swastika was indeed a nasty business, and such a shock locally. Maggie got 900 orders for her sauces in the two days that followed, due to people wanting to support.
Do you remember the artist Luned Rhys Parri who did a Sgwrs for me a while back? She’s done a portrait of Maggie which is being exhibited at the moment - I’ll put a pic up in a minute…


Hi, it means - as you say - at the feet of time. The idea was that we have a decision to make as to the people we want to be and where we go from here as a society. That two people can never be on the same journey even when they’re going to the same destination, and that since the Black Lives Matter protests we have to decide who we are and what the future holds. There’s a saying in Welsh “faint o’r gloch ydi hi arnom ni?” - that literally means “what time is it for us?” - a sort of, where are we in life and where do we want to be and how much time have you got left to get there. So that’s the idea of the clock.


Here’s Luned’s portrait of Maggie…


Saw this and chuckled…!


Oh I love this. I do indeed remember you interviewing Luned. And there were more of her pictures in the Pabell Celf at the Eisteddfod Amgen too. But this does capture something of the Margaret I saw in the film too!


Very odd coincidence with this tonight. Saw it because of another tweet of his that our @JohnYoung replied to. And then saw another reply from someone I know locally in a completely different context, asking about Welsh speaking practice. As he said to me, Welsh twitter can be a very small world.


It can indeed! I’m not on it that often but Aran enjoys Twitter land very much! I pop on every now and again.


Ha ha, yes; and I just noticed my sister, who doesn’t speak Welsh, on there talking about her home town in Northumberland. Different. :smiley:


Hi all! Ep 7 of Dyddiadur Dynas Desbret is up…


So, can “tynnu’n sylw” be to highlight and also to distract? And then the second “tynnu”: is that to tease? I imagine any use of “pull”.

On another note, there was a nice quick bit of Abertawe Welsh on Friday’s (28.08.2020) Radio Cymru, Post Cyntaf at about 1hr 22 minutes in. Heini Griffudd talking about the Tŷ Tawe Welsh centre.


Yes, tynnu sylw can be to draw attention or emphasise. Heini Gruffydd is a very interesting chap. He put together the most comprehensive book of Welsh baby names, which I’m sure encouraged their use among new parents.


Hi all - a new Bethan Gwanas piece is up!


Thanks for DDD Ep 7. What is Ma’ isho mynadd please (end of second paragraph)? He wants a mountain?