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Hi Aran.
Yes, sure, I will be more than happy. Did you want to use part of my earlier comment? I’m not sure what you had in mind.


If anything I’ve ever said can be put to good use, I am happy to ‘be quoted’ by the SSiW team wherever they deem it appropriate.


Quick tip if you can’t wait for the speeded up version to be published: VLC player can play MP3 files at up to 4 times :open_mouth: the normal speed.


I’m happy with that Aran; I think that’s a great idea!

On another note, I am working through Lefel 2 (currently just finished Her 15) and would like to print out all the Geirfa. I use them regularly but it would be handy to have a printed version of Holl Lefel 2. I can’t seem to work out how to print them; also can’t find all the Geirfa for Her 2 in one page on the website. Am I missing something? Diolch yn fawr


Diolch o galon, bawb… :star: :star2:

Um… [looks around]… click on ‘Learn’ until it becomes a dropdown, click on ‘Advanced content’. We’ll have an external link ready any day now… :slight_smile:

Yes, new subscribers will have access to all content, including the old courses… :slight_smile:

I think you’ll probably need to copy&paste them into a document first - sorry, we would like to spend much more time on making all this sort of fine detail neater and tidier, we’re just always pretty over-loaded with stuff to do - what’s happening with Challenge 2, just nothing opening up? Or a blank window or something? :slight_smile:


I have copied the Level 2 (South) vocab into a spreadsheet. If you think it appropriate, @aran, I could have a go at attaching it here.


That’s a very kind offer, Sue, diolch… :slight_smile:


I tried to upload the spreadsheet, but it is not allowed. I will try converting to a .pdf. SSiW Level 2 vocab South.pdf (293.4 KB)

Well, it might have worked. Any good to you, @janjones_1?


Might as well have the North version too. SSiW vocab Level 2 North.pdf (351.8 KB)

This isn’t really the right thread though.
Any chance of putting these somewhere more appropriate?


Maybe start a new thread? In an ideal world, we’d have someone with some spare time we could say ‘Go use these!’ - but here and now, I’m throwing about 5 new jobs at everybody every day… :wink:


OK, I’ll start a new thread and post these again.


Hey if you’d like to share a thread…I have the Southern version!


Thanks, @gisella-albertini, but I have already uploaded the Southern version just above. The new thread should appear soon.


Oh great, sorry I hadn’t noticed it! :slight_smile:

I actually have all the sentences in a separate file - that may complement it but they’re from Level 1 and 2 all together!


Good idea! Can you find the new thread?


Yes, just seen it. I have to go and turn my spreadsheet into pdf too, I guess and then will upload it there!


Hi Aran/Sue,
Diolch yn fawr iawn. Mae hynny’n wych!


Hi there! Diolch yn fawr for the feedback - there will definitely be some South Wales interviews coming up!


Helo pawb! I forgot who it was who follows Rownd a Rownd and was concerned about poor Mr Lloyd - I was in the R&R office today doing a bit of work, and found a new pic of him looking especially dapper! I thought you’d be pleased to see him looking so well! I shall attempt to post the photo here!


Lovely! (But I’d still like you to catch the woman who defrauded him, please.)