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Loving these. Reading the transcript takes me ages but is fascinating.

I particularly enjoyed learning two new idioms.

Yn eich liwt eich hun (literally on your own lute but I guess roughly equivalent to off your own bat)


Cael siomau ar yr ochr orau (literally, have disappointment in other hours???) which strikes me as a wonderfully gloomy way of describing a pleasant surprise. As if you’re saying " I know life always lets you down, but not this time , pal! " Very Eor :slight_smile:


Glad you enjoyed! ‘Siomi ar yr ochr orau’ literally translates as being disappointed on the best side (!!??!!), but means being pleasantly surprised! (‘Orau’ as in ‘gorau, as opposed to ‘oriau’, ‘hours’). People also use ‘ar fy liwt fy hun’ as the Welsh for ‘freelance’.


I will have her lynched!


Ah yes. Subtle but important difference. :slight_smile:

Still pretty Eor like, though! Must find out if it’s an expression my mum knows. I have a feeling she’d approve.


listened to the whole interview, read the transcript but stopped and used “so far so good” as a marker as my welsh reading is still a bit slow. Listened again as far as my marker (6 mins it turned out) read the translation and listened again as far as the marker. I then read whole translation as I was interested in the interview ha. Listened again today to the whole interview. Really enjoyed the whole process and found it interesting too. Look forward to the next one and my welsh reading improving.
Diolch @beca-brown and also Leisa and the very best of luck with the rest of your acting career.

I met the Welsh Whisperer in a pub in Bethesda a few weeks ago and he said he lives and works in the area and was very friendly and approachable . A Carmarthenshire accent on your doorstep. #justsaying :thinking:


What, more? Already?.. :wink:


You really want to keep us busy! :wink:

You know one thing that I’d really find interesting?
Writing which accent they have.
I seem to understand that there’s not only North and South, but quite a few nuances in different areas or even towns, right?
I’d be really curious to know and it doesn’t seem too easy to find googling around

I don’t know if it’s that’s in trouble with Welsh websites and celebrities - but it’s quite hard to find any information about who they are/what they do because they often end up lost among a lot of unknown people with the same name!


Top tip! Diolch!


I think Eor’s philosophy on life is a sound one - expect the worst and anything else is a bonus!


Clwyd accent this week! Listen out for the ‘e’ sound as opposed to the ‘a’…


Trystan Lewis should be quite easy to find - Plaid Cymru councillor, choir conductor, owner of Siop Lewis in Llandudno (they have a website if you want Welsh cards, books, Welsh interest etc.


Leisa Gwenllian is from the Caernarfon area - I’ll let you into a badly kept secret - she’s my daughter…! (Any qs you have, ask away! She has to co-operate or she gets no tea…! :slight_smile:️)


Just one… How do you say, “Well, you both managed to play that remarkably straight,” yn y Gymraeg? :slight_smile:


Naah, really? :open_mouth:

This means the mom who sent her to the audition with the chaperone is actually you? :grin:
(Sorry, Beca, I couldn’t resist…but I’m just joking) :wink:

So, alright, if I can think of more questions, I’ll let you know. If you’re still willing to cooperate now! :joy:


As for Trystan Lewis, I couldn’t understand if he had to do with singing or politics - now I see it’s both.
I hadn’t found about the siop, though, so I’m going to check it out now.

p.s. thanks a lot for the accent(s) info. And oh…I hadn’t understood my question was so directly related to the interview, until now I’m reading it!


Haha! Diolch yn fawr! My kids like to pretend they don’t know me anyway, so it wasn’t much bother!


Yup, very much both.


Yup!! Naughty working mum!! She’d got used to being away from me anyway, with all the chimney sweeping when she was 3… :slight_smile:


Sorry, where? :joy::rofl::joy::wink:

(I’m from just outside Wrecsam by the way.)


Do you not recognise it as such?!