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Pump am y Penwythnos / Friday Five - 01/05/2020 :five:


I’ve gone back to drawing after a long while and decided to experiment with a whole new subject… birds! It’s been really hard getting any ‘me-time’ whilst having the kids at home full time, juggling work, house work and care for elderly relatives. So after teaching the end of my tether, I got all my drawing gear out of a dusty corner gave the kids some free screen time and made myself sit down to draw - it’s been blissful!

Here it is so far. I’ve a lot to do yet, but I’m really enjoying the process and had forgotten how therapeutic it was…


Fantastic! So much talent! I’m just glad I’m not a field mouse. :laughing:
M reminds me you’re very fond of hares. I bet you’d be brilliant at drawing that handsome animal.


Wow! That’s gorgeous! You are talented in so many ways!


Am I missing the point here. Everyone is explaining in Sneaky Saesneg to coin a phrase I first heard in Caernarfon earlier this year.


Do you mean why are everyone’s posts in English here?
The Pump am y Penwythnos posts are just for a bit of fun and are more a community than Welsh learning initiative. So English is the most accessible language for this forum and allows more people to get involved


That is what I meant. Clearly i completely misread " We’re going to Show and Tell! Dangos a Dweud (dang-oss ah do-aid) in Welsh" as “we’re going to do ‘Show and Tell’ in Welsh”. Concentrate Gareth! I’m obviously struggling with my English now…


Here’s my Show & Tell. This is my favourite of my guitars. It’s not massively valuable but it was given to my by a friend years ago in a terrible state because he knew I wanted a semi-acoustic guitar. The original inspection certificate with the serial number is still inside and dates the manufacture of the guitar as 1961-1962. So, it’s about the same age as me. Hofners were popular then in Europe because premium US brands were so rare here. I had the guitar restored by a Luthier to be faithful to the original spec. The colour is one from an Epiphone as this one would have been a less bright “tobacco burst”. I think it looks rather splendid now.

PS… And yes, that is a dragon in the bushes

found the pre renovation pic


Ah yes, I can see what you mean. No Catrin was just giving us the Welsh translation


That is a beautiful guitar. I can’t justify owning any more but a semi acoustic like that is next on my list.


Diolch yn fawr Ken.
You do know that the optimum number of guitars has a mathematical formula. Go = Gc+1 (Where Go is the optimum number and Gc is the current number ) :slight_smile:
So there’s the justification proved by mathematics.


Ha Ha. I like your thinking.


Ta-dah! I shall call it “Furlough Fun 1”


That’s really cool. What is it made of?


The bar of slate, piece of tile and the green glass came from beachcombing the foreshore here in Caernarfon, the copper wire was reclaimed from some old cables, the beads came from a broken necklace and the frame came from a charity shop!


With a bit of luck you will all recognise this as arguably Gustav’s best creations.
I took my wife to Paris for a birthday treat for 4 days in 2016 and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We interrupted our “Red Bus” tour to visit the Eiffel tower - the commentary on the bus was fascinating. Apparently Adolf Hitler wanted to plant a flag at the top and was expecting to use one of the lifts. They were all out of action because they had all broken down and could not be fixed as the Tower was a one-off and spare parts were impossible to replicate. Roughly 4 hours after the end of WW2, they were all functioning again and continue so to do to this day!!




Wow! Incredible


It’s also very interesting that the tower wasn’t well received originally by Parisiens much in the same way Londoners reacted to the Millenium Dome. How time heals. I think it’s fabulous and scaled it years ago when my children were young.


Glad you like it.


All finished! :blush: