Pwy sy'n dysgu Cymraeg yn Sweden? (possible Swedish meet-up?)


Helo, Martin-Kahnberg

I live in the USA in the mid-atlantic, so I obviously won’t be joining your group. I wanted to share my experiences as they may help you. I’m in a similar situation; wanting to speak Cymraeg but the nearest speaker to me is 1.5 hours away, and that’s only two people. Even meeting in the middle requires substantial time just to speak. What I did was to have an online group that meets weekly and I opened it up to everyone here in SSiW living on the East Coast. We have people from Maine to Florida…and cross fingers, one person from the West Coast. We have 3-7 people who show up each week. Maybe there are others Siradwr in the same time zone as you in other countries? Just a thought. Pwb lwc!


Just so that people who are following this thread know it, Martin and I have discussed things, and I do have a place for us to be.


We’re currently checking if March 9th might be a possible date. It works for me and Lena, and I received a message from Richard today saying that it seemed to work for him as well and that he was looking forward to it already.
Would March 9th work for you as well, Jessica?


Checking timetables for the trains, and there seems to be trains arriving more or less all the time on the 9th. Starting around 11:30 (there are trains arriving around 11:25) seems possible to me.


I need to work to 12:30 on the 9th (mandatory rehersal). Would it be possible to start around 14:00 instead?