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Question from Darren M currently doing Level 1


Going GREEN - SoundCloud 'Question' badge (for red badges only)

Da iawn Darren! A very clear question and you’ve mastered the technology of SoundCloud, but you’ve jumped the gun a little here :grin: … unless I’ve missed your 5-minute sentences somewhere for your red badge. Those sentences are a great achievement, so I don’t want you to miss your red badge by getting the green one early! :wink:


Diolch Dee. Yes I have been a bit lax on the SoundCloud related tasks so far! I will look back at previous weeks emails and catch up this week :slight_smile:


dw i’n wedi dallt!


Diolch Sue :smile:


Hi @Deborah-SSiW. I posted my 5 min sentances in the thread a few days ago :grinning:


Da iawn, Darren!