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Question from Geraint (currently doing Level 3)


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Thanks for your answer, Siaron. I’m actually finding these recordings a good way to practice speaking in a way that’s more like a one-to-one conversation. Introverts don’t tend to do small talk, so although it’s not easy to think of answers to these questions, it’s going to be excellent practice for having conversations “in the wild”.

Many of the suggestions for practising speaking a language involve doing things that I don’t usually do and that I find very hard, like meeting a group of strangers in a pub and casually chatting. This is about the hardest thing I do in my native English, so the thought of doing it in Welsh is rather overwhelming. Just to clarify, I’m not shy. I was a teacher for over 20 years, and that’s probably made my introversion worse because after a day at work, I’d be completely peopled out and I’d need to hide away quietly at home in order to recharge my batteries.


I know exactly what you mean Margaret, I’m the same, given the choice. It takes a series of huge deep breaths for me to walk into anything ‘social’, even when it’s not necessarily strangers, and when I do do things like that, I’m much happier to grab a corner and just listen and observe, but as you’ll know, that’s not always possible. I have to call on my ‘public persona’ to get through it, but yes, it does take effort!

(I’m pretty sure that will come as a shock to those I’ve met up with so far through SSiW, but I keep the offer of a ‘panad a sgwrs’ open because I feel I do need to practice ‘fight’ rather than ‘flight’ - so anyone else reading this who is near Caernarfon anytime and wants a meet up, please don’t think you’re not welcome to do so - you are worth it!)

So Margaret, if you do fancy a meet up, just the two of us somewhere quiet, let me know and we’ll see what we can up with, but certainly no rush, and definitely no pressure! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer of a quiet chat! I will definitely keep that in mind.


I read your post, @margarethall , and thought “that’s me.” If I am with people then I need to have a role. I can serve as a volunteer in the village shop, I can act as treasurer to a local group and even make a speech at the AGM. What I can’t do is chat. I have nothing to say. If I do think of something then it is always too late. I dread any form of social gathering. And yet - I was prepared to go and meet a group of total strangers and try to speak Welsh. They are wonderful people, very encouraging, and I do manage to say a little bit. If we were speaking English then I would probably say even less.

Exactly so. According to my daughter, that defines an introvert. Extroverts gain energy from being with people.

The good thing about making these recordings is that I don’t have to look for a gap in the conversation, and I don’t have to worry that the conversation has moved on before I think of something to say. (Sorry, Geraint, for using your question thread.)





Excellent point! I agree.

(And also with what you and others have said about introversion.)


Somebody came up with an excellent idea here. I recommend all learners to listen to these questions and answers, especially if (like me) you haven’t yet reached a sufficient level of competence to participate actively. You’ll understand much of it, and learn a lot. I certainly did. Arddechog, a diolch i chi.