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Question from Helen888 - currently doing Level 1


Here is the link to my question:

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Dw i’n hapius iawn efo faint dw i wedi dysgu mewn answer byr.


Here’s my answer to Helen’s question:


fi hefyd!


Dyma mae fy ateb (gobeithio!):


I have posted the recording in going from Green to Blue
Dw i wedi trio dysgu Cymraeg o’r blaen. Y tro yma, efo Dywedwch Rhywbeth yn Gymraeg, bydd yn llwyddianus


This should sound something like “Dw i wedi trio dysgu Cymraeg o’r blaen. Y tro yma, efo ‘Dywedwch rhywbeth yn Gymraeg’ bydd yn llwyddianus”
I hope I’ve posted in the right place

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Hello Dee,
I hope I’ve posted my answer to Helen’s question in the right place.


I must moved you in here @dr-jim-hewitt so that the answer goes with the question :slight_smile:


Da iawn Jim. Mae’n ddrwg gen i fy mod yn araf yn ateb. Roedd rhaid i mi gael ‘headphones’ newydd!


Helo @Cetra I only just heard your reply! Mae’n ddrwg gen i! My headphones broke early last week and so I’ve fallen behind.I don’t think I’m anywhere near brave enough to attend a Hangout yet, but I must try to get to one soon!


Helo Helen! No problem, glad you’re all sorted! :slight_smile: Hope you can get to a Hangout soon - the first one is the scariest, but if you can think of something you can say a little bit about beforehand, I’m finding that helps. If all you said was Hi, I’m Helen, I live in x and I’ve got a cat/dog that would be more than enough to get you started! I’ve just muddled my way through my third one. Everyone is very kind :slight_smile: