Questions about Online Eisteddfod 2018


If you have any questions at all about this year’s Online Eisteddfod, here’s the place to put them!

Categories and Rules for the Online Eisteddfod 2018

Hi @Dee - can groups use a different arrangement of Calon Lân?



Hello @dee, do entries have to be recorded live and in a single take? Or are we allowed to edit, multi-track etc?



What is the protocol regarding voting for yourself in the solo categories? :slight_smile:



Yes - I think that would be really nice!

I think a certain amount of minor editing would be OK, but perhaps not multi-tracking as it could give a big advantage to groups that have more expertise with technology, and it’s the singing that should be the important part.

It’s between you and your conscience :smile:


does the englyn milwr need to be in cynghanedd? I can’t work out the cynghanedd of the opening line…


Hi Pam! No, strictly speaking the englyn milwr should include cynghanedd, but at this stage we just require the right number of syllables and the rhyming pattern at the end.