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Questions for the SSiW Online Eisteddfod 2019


Yes, you need to use that line. It’s what we’ve always done to set everyone the same starting point, but perhaps we could vary that in future years. Thanks for raising it :slight_smile:


Diolch, mae’n iawn. Syniad da i ddefnyddio yr un llinell; mae’n ddefnyddiol i gael y pwynt dechrau 'na

Thanks, that’s fine. Good idea to use the same line; its useful to have that starting point.


Helo@Debra-SSiW, just a thought, have you ever considered including a Limerick category? I felt previously that it would be difficult to do if you were to give a starting line, as it would perhaps be too limiting, but, if you intend to base next year’s categories on a theme, as this year, then it should work.



Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, we are thinking that a limeric might be a good idea. We try to balance giving a range of categories with not having so many that people don’t have time to look through them all at voting time, but we’ll definitely look at a limeric category for next year :slight_smile:


Is it OK to write in Welsh as it’s spoken, rather than to write properly in written Welsh? :slight_smile:


100% definitely OK to write informally :slight_smile:

Also fine to practice your formal Welsh if you’d like to.


Perfect, thanks! I was hoping that would be the case. :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ve got any formal Welsh yet so it would need to be the former :slight_smile:


how does the travel theme apply?
Would any photo taken while traveling (for example in a random foreign country :wink: ) be ok?
Or does the photo need to convey a specific idea of travel, movement and such?

My impression is that if for prose and reviews it’s not easy to hide hints that might lead people to recognize the author. (And I’m not talking about the obvious, like me choosing that band, for example. :grin:)
I mean more subtle details, but that can still reveal background
How is this supposed to work? Should one do a deliberate effort to stay anonymous? Or it doesn’t matter if someone can kinda guess you this might be?


With the ffugenw, ideally aim to be as anonymous as possible. Just so that voting doesn’t go down the route of nepotism. So maybe don’t go for Datblygu’r Eidal :wink:
But there aren’t really rules to it. You could call yourself Super Ted if you wanted to. As long as it’s not offensive.

With the photo -

No real rules. Could be a random country, could be a train, could be the soles of your boots, just loosely attached to the theme of travel :blush:


Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I meant with “the obvious” :grin:


To whom / address do we send our entries to?


@harvey_fudge the instructions are available now. Have a look in the ‘Submitting your Entries’ thread :slight_smile:


I think this has been asked before, but I haven’t found it. Is there a limit to how many entries one person can send? Both over the whole Eisteddfod and “per topic”?



No limit to how many categories you can enter @Sionned, but only one entry PER category :slight_smile:


For the recitation and singing categories, do you have to send in videos or can the entries be sound recordings only?


Sound recordings only is how we have done it in the past :slight_smile:


Yes, sound recordings only @grace-4 which keeps the anonymity for those categories as well :slight_smile:


stupid question? Is there a minimum word count, I thought I had a lot to say :rofl:


@jen well, not really, but more than just a couple of sentences for the prose. I guess you could get away with 2-3 sentences for the postcard, as a beginner category, but if you can write a little more, that’s great :slight_smile: