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Questions for the SSiW Online Eisteddfod 2019


I was trying the post beginner but I’m probably not going to make the word count. I’ll let the judges decide I guess


If it makes any difference, I’m also going for post-beginner prose and my wordcount is about 450, so still some way short of the 750 limit. I’m going to submit anyway and let the Powers That Be decide whether it’s good enough.


I managed to add a bit more after having a break and going back to it. But I stuck to one category work keeps taking all my time I’m happy that I managed one anyway :grin:


There’s no need to aim for the upper limit - it’s just an arbitrary amount to give people an idea, but it’s quality and interesting writing that counts more than the number of words. I’m sure it will be fine :star2:


Oh well I’m definitely in trouble then!


Definitely not! Everyone is in the same situation - and by ‘quality’ I don’t mean a high standard. It’s more the effort that you’ve put in really. In the end it will be up to everyone to read the entries and vote for the one that they feel deserves to win - it might not be the most grammatically correct or best by other standards, but the most deserving :slight_smile:


Stop! You’re making it worse! :smiley:


I’m trying to be encouraging … but not succeeding very well, am I? :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face::joy:


Maybe you can try with the most enjoyable?
How about that @stephenbranley?


I know entries haven’t even closed yet but when will the categories be listed so we can vote? And how long do you get to be able to vote before the voting closes? This is the first year I’ve been involved so very excited to see all the entries.


Once the entries are all in, @dafyddyfelin will post them all up here in the Online Eisteddfod section with a separate thread for each category. There will also be a poll with each one. Usually you get around 2 weeks to vote, but you may get slightly longer this time as Dafydd won’t be available for a little while.

It looks like we’re heading for more entries this year - which is really exciting - so that will give you plenty of time to read through the written entries, listen to all the spoken/sung entries, and enjoy the visual art while deciding which entry you’d like to vote for.

Not long now!


excellent. Thank you


Am I the only person who keeps checking back here daily in the hope the entries are online? :smiley: I’m genuinely excited!


You’re not the only one!


Dafydd is racing to get the entries up before he has to go away for a couple of weeks, so croesi bysedd he manages to do it :crossed_fingers:


It seems that a handful are “liking” the posts instead of voting in the poll? :roll_eyes: :grin:
I’m pretty sure for long-time forumists it was just because in the beginning there was no poll under the entries - but others…who knows?

It’s a shame that for Welsh Prose Post-beginner especially there’s very few votes at the moment, hopefully after the newsletter some more will come - but I have to admit it’s taking a whole lot of time to read them all, especially for non-skilled readers like me!!!
And too bad you can’t give…say…2 or 3 votes for each category, since in some cases it’s very tough to pick just one!


I hope some people are doing like I am and reading a couple at a time, so it’s going to take a few days before I can vote. I don’t want to rush through them not doing them justice, and we have a longer time to vote this time.

Good point about the ‘liking’ instead of voting though. I’ll highlight that in the next newsletter so people that made that mistake can go back and vote in the poll.

I think actually the poll used to be at the top in the old forum, so it was more obvious. It’s too late for this year, but we should be able to do it next year by editing the first entry in the thread and adding the poll in there … I think :slight_smile:


You’re not alone! There are a couple that are written at a similar level and a similar vocabulary to me, and I’m OK reading those, but for others I’m having to look up an awful lot of words and it’s slow going, but I feel I owe it to the people who have written them to take the time to read them!


Ti’n seren @stephenbranley! You’re a star! :star2:


Aderyn du syn gwrando a fy cymraeg