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Quick question on pronunciation


Really enjoying the challenges!

Challenge 23 introduces us to ‘Yno’ (there); I have a musical ear so I’m usually ok at picking up pronunciation and I’m generally accepting of variations. However, in this challenge both speakers seem to be saying ‘Yna’ throughout (at least that is what I am hearing).

In the notes it is written ‘Yno’ also.

I just wanted to check I’m pronouncing it properly as my brain really wants to say Un-O but I’m trusting the sound and saying Un-Uh / Un-A

Just worried people may hear what i say as ‘then’ when I mean ‘there’.

I’m guessing the difference in pronunciation is quite subtle in everyday speech; is that the case?



Yna and yno both mean ‘there’, the only difference is a very subtle one - yno is specifically for locations out of sight of the speaker whereas you can use yna (for ‘there’ as a location) in all other instances.

Yna can mean ‘then’ (as in ‘afterwards’) but if the context of the sentence is a location, people will almost certinly hear yna as there, not yna as then because of both the context and where it appears in the sentence.


Great thanks!

I thought it would be something like that.

Dw’in hapus nawr!