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Recognising fellow Welsh speakers/learners


Diolch yn fawr Kimberley
It arrived today. I’m not sure how long it will take to trigger a response here in Scotland, but you never know - a few years ago I was working in an Edinburgh telephone exchange and discovered the two other people in that equipment room were both Welsh, and someone once told me that in my census area there are ten people who are Welsh speakers. Watch this space…


I feel sure that some work acquaintances of mine, in a business in Bangor, must be Welsh speakers although they always speak English. I think this might be because their customer base is UK wide.

Having said that, their English sounds very similar to a SSiW N Wales challenge, but with English words.

I’ve noticed a similar thing in West/Mid Wales, when it almost sounds as if thoughts are being translated into English just prior to speaking.


Croeso :slight_smile:


I was walking past a house today (here in deepest, darkest Oxfordshire) , and noticed it bore the name “Tŷ Siriol”. I was almost tempted to knock and say “sh’mae”, but, of course, didn’t…

(They’d probably say “…that was left here by the people before us…” :slight_smile: )


There’s one up the road from me here in Yorkshire called “Tŷ fy Nain” :slight_smile:


if you dont ask…you’ll never know…dont die of embarrassment achan…one life :wink:


I have this badge I’ve had for well over a decade, sent to me by a good friend in Wales. It lives on the lapel of the jacket I wear most often and will have when we come to Wales next month:


Diolch @leiafee!!


Only one thing wrong there - you need to change the “Dw i’n” to “Dw i wedi” :wink:




If you get the chance would you be happy to send a second? Showed Emma (my girlfriend) and she was very jealous. No rush of course!!


No prob- same address?


Yes please :smile:

Diolch!!! You’re a super star :star:


Jumping back in …
Now that my ears are tuning into/pricking up at the slightest hint of Welshness, I seem to be noticing what sounds like Welsh tags in English conversations. I’m thinking of the likes of “I fe?/i’w e?” etc. Usually this happens at the very end of an English conversation, say, in a busy shop etc when its a bit too late to go for it.

Do you think that this is the marker of someone keen to speak Welsh next time, or just an English language/Wenglish speaker who has absorbed some Cymraeg?

A part of me wants to believe that these tags are a bit stronger than the likes of tidy, cwtch or ychafi. On the other hand, my overactive imagination tends to convince me that anyone with a strong Welsh accent is bound to be a fluent Welsh speaker.

What do forum members think please?


@leiafee where did you buy these? looking to get one


I picked up a job lot handful from the nearest Menter Iaith!

I’m there Saturday doing the coffee shop I can see if they still have them?


No oranges ones to be found but we hunted down these if any use.