Rownd a Rownd


Absolutely. I wondered if Jason was spinning a story about having lost it, knowing that Arthur would do exactly what he did. Arthur is so dim and predictable.

Lowri is an attractive, intelligent woman. Can’t see what she sees in Philip, to be honest. Or Kelvin, really. It has to end in tears, sadly.

Michelle! sigh She never learns; she never changes; frankly, she deserves what she gets, which will probably be nothing, or less than nothing.


Right: I’ve often wondered if there’s some backstory to explain why Arthur’s van says ‘Aruthr’ on it. I’d considered the possibility that it was a signwriting mistake he was just too cheap to rectify, but wondered if there might be more to it.

I’ve just had cause to look up aruthr in the GPC, and it gives meanings including ‘awful, terrible, dreadful… wonderful, astonishing, strange’.

So: awful or wonderful - and is there a story behind it?


I thought when I looked it up once (ages ago) it had a more positive meaning. Something like speedy?

But hilarious if it also has those negative meanings as well (and Arthur didn’t realise).

It would be typical of him to be too cheap to rectify a mistake, but I actually think it’s a deliberate play on words (even if the meaning isn’t terribly clear).

I suppose that the archaic meaning of awful was “full of awe”. If we think of the relationship between the Hebrews of the Old Testament and their Jahweh, they were in awe of him, but a bit terrified of him at the same time - so maybe it’s always had a bit of a double meaning, and maybe the Welsh word is a bit two-edged like that.


Further to this, doesn’t have aruthr, but it has aruthrol:

aruthrol - adjective o faint neu ar raddfa ymhell tu hwnt i’r cyffredin, tra enfawr, y tu hwnt (o); anferth, syfrdanol immense, stupendous, terrific, tremendous, wonderful


aruthredd noun masculine maint aruthrol; anferthedd, anferthwch immensity


Well, I did wonder if it was like French terrible, i.e. actually good – which the range of meanings in Gweiadur seems to support – but I had cause to look it up because I came came across aruthrol being used (presumably with yn) as an adverb ‘terribly’, but in a very negative context. Then again, the range for ‘terrible’ and ‘terribly’ in English is quite distinct: being ‘terribly good’ at something is definitely not the same as being ‘terrible’ at it.


So,. Dim and easily led… summed up as such in minutes by actual criminals… why do such get tossed in prison to get led futher astray by said criminals? Kelvin heading for trouble, surely?
Will devious brother Barry keep Jason on the rails? Not if Erin has a say! She had her eyes on all that lovely money!
Ah well…


Which nights is Rownd a Rownd actually on? I think I’m up-to-date, then I read comments here and realise I mustn’t be. It’s hard when it’s not on every night like PyC - I know where I am with that one.


In a normal week, it is on Tuesday and Thursday. Used to be 19.30, but now 18.30 (6.30 p.m.). BUT, if, say football, rugby, or anything else special is on, even if not on S4C, it gets shifted! So, Thursday’s last week moved to Friday. It makes it hard to keep up unless you watch live and keep attending to any announcements, which I tend to miss, as I try to avoid adverts!


Ron was he played by Wyn Bowen Harries? Face looks familiar. @mikeellwood?


I google imaged him, and yes that’s him, although I didn’t know his name.

Da iawn! How did you track him down?

Edit: With the help of google, I found this:

Looks like it’s available indefinitely. Might be worth a listen some time.


I looked at the relevant episode of Craith on line and found the cast list. I knew from this week om Hidden that the girl’was Lowri Driscol and found a man called Driscol and he was played by W.B.H. So i got pic and thought… well I think that was Ron! Tonight? Nothing very surprising.


Well, judging by google, it seems that our “Ron” is a very talented man. I’m sorry they killed him off.
Perhaps he can come back as a ghost and haunt Michelle for her foolishness.

Is Barry acting in Jason’s interests or his own? And is Erin basically right?

And who is going to run the pyb? (Perhaps Kelvin, since he seems to have lost interest in building - poor old Terry.


Oh I have no doubt Barry wanted to use Jason’s newfound wealth, but I suspect he has enough of a conscience to be sure it is repayable if Jason has a serious reason to want it! He was right about it disappearing rapidly from Jason and Erin’s hands and likely too much was adorning Erin, feeding Erin etc… She wanted a rich boyfriend! Now she’s still looking! Also, Rhys was David’s intended. Wouldn’t David have wanted that house to go to him??? Really, only the pub is by rights to be inherited from Ron and that needs to be sold and split in two. Pubs may not be that easy to sell. Many are closing down.


That’s a good point, isn’t it? And I think Ron would have known that and been sympathetic. He must not have got around to changing his will, I assume.


When Meical paused in the middle of “It’s not official, but Ron left the buildings to…”, I thought he was going to say, “Rhys”.


I’ve caught up with this week’s happenings and two things caught my eye that no one has mentioned here yet.

Why, after making such a fuss over it, didn’t anyone pick the pound coin up off the floor?

How come no one mentioned the awful “Lowri am buth” tattoo?


Oh desr, did not notice! Buth, I mean, just dire workmanship!


I did notice, and I wondered why no one on the show said anything!


Poor Dab just home from yr carchar, no one liked to say something to upset him. Or maybe they thought ha mesnt ‘Lowri for benefit’?


Poor Dab!? What a horrible, inconsiderate turd he was from the second he came out. He’s been upgraded from a drip to a turd in my eyes.