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Isn’t that what prison does to easily led, not very bright non-criminals who get sent there? We all know he was a patsy and his ‘crime’ was being an idiot! As I recall he brought something into UK for a ‘friend’… If it was drugs, then he is exactly the sort of person who has caused me to object to ‘prohibition’ ever since it was introduced to please the Americans. They never learned the lesson from their own prohibition of alcohol sales and the instant rise of organised crime, era of Al Capone! We had a perfectly good system of issueing drugs to the few Registered Addicts who had got hooked on drugs given for pain relief. No criminal had any incentive to try to deal when the only folk interested got their fix free on the NHS. It worked just fine! Now we have a poor mother having to import the medicine her son needs from Canada and then only getting a small amount back from Customs when the headlines about the poor kid caused the PM to have to molify the press. If the patient had been older and not so appealing, death in agony would have resulted.
Sorry… my Mam had MS. Medicinal Cannabis is a sore point with me!


I gathered that the laughter when they saw it was embarrassed laughter, so I assumed everyone noticed but no one wanted to say anything.


Oh dear. Is Prison really like that. No rehab? No useful activity. No work. Just video games all day. So those with no wish to improve just get used to doing damned all and can’t hold a job, have forgotten how to work… If that is a true picture, heaven help us! To say nothing of Terry and family!
I have not, I think, seen such a depressing episode of any series ever before! Oh, and as well as being conditioned to laze around all day with full meals provided, the cimpany includes crime gang members and bosses eager to recruit the easily led! Groan.


Just caught up!
Complete agreement from me @gruntius! Was he always like this and I’ve just forgotten?


I don’t think so, he was kind of a non character, just there to float around uselessly. He’s being written/played like this now to strengthen Lowri’s feelings for someone who shows her some attention (which happens to be Philip).


If they are portraying the effects of prison this way for dramatic reasons, nothing to do with the truth, then I am very, very cross with them. But I have a very nasty feeling it is all too true! Prisons are short staffed. It would be quite asy to run them if all the prisoners could be kept happy playing games with each other and never ordered to anything they didn’t fancy! I’d go doolally, but they probably have libraries and on-line OU or something for the more intellectual prisoners!


I don’t know about prisons in the UK, but I had a friend who worked as an Education Officer in a prison in Australia and she said it was totally up to the prisoner if they wanted to work, participate in education, or do anything to improve themselves. Some of them just did nothing but sit around and there was no way to make them do anything.


That is dreadful! I am not sure I know the answer, but it is a total waste to leave someone learning how to be totally lazy and mix with a load of criminals! If we are doing that, some sort of compulsion is needed. No work, no learning, no effort of any kind = no food or absolute minimum and that as dull as possible., No computer games. No whatever you want? Interview, “what do you want to do?” OK , to get that you have to do this many things on the following list!


I have no expert knowledge, but my instinct is that prison is a dumping ground for people we have absolutely no idea what to do with.

Probably a good proportion of them should not be there at all (e.g. “Kelve”). A properly staffed and well-thought out probation system, or similar, would probably be far better for people like Kelvin, and he could have gone back to work, been able to see his family, and without causing Terry undue problems.

I wondered if the Lowri-Philip story was going to fizzle out, but it looks like it’s continuing. The way Kelvin is going on, I think it’s only a matter of time before passions erupt again, and it will turn into a full-blown affair, either surreptitious (in which case it’s sure to be discovered sooner or later), or they’ll do something dramatic like run away together. Either way, the fallout will be painful all round.

Michelle really doesn’t learn does she? But TBH, I’m really getting fed up with that aspect of the story.

Interesting to see Ken able to buy fig rolls. I used to love those when I was a kid & teenager (and long before even a small number of sweet carbs made me balloon up). I tried to buy some recently (for someone who I was told liked them), but could not find any at all in Waitrose. Maybe they are not considered posh enough for Waitrose.

Anybody else like fig rolls, and can you buy them where you are?
An American friend used the term “fig newtons”, and he thought they were the same thing.
Any Americans out there familiar with them, and do you happen to know if they are the same thing as our fig rolls?

Oh, actually, Wikipedia has answered my question:


Fig rolls and fig newtons are indeed the same. We’ve bought some every time we’ve been to America.

We buy our fig rolls from Asda, never not available.


I think Tesco’s are quite capable of stocking them too - you need to drop your standards and get back to a decent bisquit aisle! Very good dunked in a cup of tea I seem to remember…


Fig rolls, OK but NOT dunked. Only ever dunk plain biscuits like Rich Tea.
To @mikeellwood Sadly I think you may be right about prison now. I too am thoroughly fed up with the Pihilip/ Lowri affair. But I think Jason is well rid of Erin. Is her nasty mam getting her claws into impressionable younger men or setting out to con Rhys out of the garage or conning Carys somehow?


Afraid we don’t have an Asda within reasonable reach, but …

…indeed - even the Wikipedia article said that Tesco’s did them. (They happen to be on the wrong side of town for me to be really handy though).

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve been dunking biscuits since soon after I was weaned I reckon, but funnily enough, I would not see fig rolls / newtons, as a dunking biscuit (and since reading your elegant spelling of the word, my spelling of it has gone completely out of the window Ms Cat!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

I’d be dunking digestives or hobnobs…ooer, I think @henddraig may agree


She’s up to no good, I’m sure, but I don’t know what it can be.


I’m a dunker for sure, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE digestive biscuits (I can buy McVities in my local grocery store, but I bet there less expensive over there!). I also enjoy Fig Newtons but I don’t dunk those :slight_smile: (Good to know they are the same thing as your fig rolls!)

She’s going to figure out that the money for Rhys’s garage came from the divorce and then there’s gonna be trouble, mark my words! :smile:[quote=“mikeellwood, post:1210, topic:578”]
But TBH, I’m really getting fed up with that aspect of the story.

Me, too. Michele needs to grow up and look outside herself. When she asked Dani about buying David’s house, that was just beyond insensitive!

(Gosh, now I’m dying for a cuppa and some digestives!)


Have never found any enthusiasm for these. Not even with butter on (my favourite way of torturing a digestive).
Does anyone else like stale gingernuts? When they’ve gone all bendy?
I keep trying to ignore Jason - he just looks like he’s been badly sewn together and may lose integrity at any moment. The earring didn’t improve things.


I know - I can’t go back. I have to say it with the SQ too!

Yes, and yes. But don’t knock the figgy number until you’ve tried it… :cookie::yum::tea:


Yes. But @cat-1 I do not ever eat Rich Tea undunked. I can eat digestives undunked, and I think hobnobs too, but I haven’t eaten biscuits for ages. Lack of exercise due to shot lungs leads to fat or smaller appetite. In my case, luckily, the latter. Mind I still eat chocolate (in moderation)!


Glad to hear it - they are definitely something that needs help before you eat it!
I don’t eat many either. They exist in my imagination.

Me too. Very good for you!


Mmmm… Kel, as expected. His Mam and Dad trying. But… Poor Lowri put right off and… rest at end of my comments. Oh, that gaol friend of Kevin’s, wonder what his line is?
If I were Carys I wouldn’t worry for Jason!
Sophie’s child… Mair is she? Is she the actress’s actual daughter. Not sure if she is a brilliant actress or a right little madam! The expression in those eyes! Plotting! Planning! Scheming! Devious! Chip off block! Pity her poor Dad! Just realised, not sure who her Dad is!
So, Rhys’ mam is plotting to fleece him if he has garage in his name! I do hope David made sure paperwork hard to mess with…
which brings us to…
That house/flat being ‘given’ to Lowri and Kel, isn’t that David’s? Lowri very, very unhappy at the idea of movng there!