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As in a relationship? Well, it’s possible, although we are given to understand thar Dylan and Llio used to be an item when they were at university. This relationship apparently ended unhappily. I think it’s possible that it might have been Dylan who ended it. I wonder now if it ended because he discovered his true sexuality while going out with Llio, and that’s why it ended, obviously not a happy ending for Llio.

There is no reason why Matthew would know any of this (and no reason why Llio or Dylan would have told him). Matthew has been suspecting all along that Dylan’s and Llio’s affair was rekindling, and that’s why he was so jealous of Dylan and horrible to him.

But all along, Dylan was (hypothetically at least) Llio’s gay best male friend (every girl has one, according to “Sex and The City”…).

So, yes, why not, and it’s about time Rhys had something to smile about. I just hope John gives Dylan a good deal on the car. At least his, er, servicing should be taken care of. (Sorry, couldn’t resist… :smiling_imp: )


On a point about Welsh pronunciation, it’s interesting the way (especially) Llio pronounces “Matthew”.

Quite different to the way an English learner of Welsh would spontaneously pronounce it (and given that it’s a very common name, it’s very tempting just to rush into the standard English pronunciation without thinking.


Is it the same as South Wales? Math-ew (as in newydd). That’s how my non-Welsh speaking nephew from Risca pronounces his own name.

Anway, just reporting in that I watched my first RaR episode this week. Perhaps just the one I watched, but it seemd very like Pobl. :slight_smile:


In this case, almost certainly yes, as Llio (and Carys, her sister) are southern speakers (from Cardiff, I believe). Jac is also a southerner. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any others.

Oh, well Dylan of course. One southerner out; one southerner in. That must be how it works.
Possibly if N(Southerner) exceeds a certain mass or number, Glanrafon will go fissile.

Things might start to go well out of balance if Meical and Michelle move to Casnewydd; there will have to be an exchange, like there used to be with spies at that bridge in Berlin during the cold war. Menai bridge, possibly, though that might be a bit too far north to be considered neutral ground.


I found these old photos of RaR characters which I had downloaded at some point:

Alwena, former wife of Philip, now in Spain.

Alwena again.

Nel, niece of Siân, daughter of the former garage owner, whose name escapes me!
Nel sadly died in a road accident. Oh, Alwyn: that was her dad’s name.

A younger Kylie, possibly 11-12? (She is now 16).

The real Britney! At a similar age, I would judge. This actress played Britney all the time since I started watching. Then one night, bodysnatching aliens lay a pod down next to her bed, and from then on, she looked like the actress who now plays her.

ISTR the same happened to another character…was it Robbie? Not sure now.

Now, the present Britney is a fine young actress, but sorry, it’s not the real Britney! :slight_smile:

Jason is also not the same, but he went away for quite a long time, so that’s a bit different… :slight_smile:


Thank you. I was wondering if Kylie and Brtiney were the same age as the actress who plays Britney looks older. I’m terrible with guessing ages though.

If they don’t bring new characters in I’m guessing we’ll see some kind of romance rekindling for Vince and Sophie. I think we’ve all picked up on it. Vince is very much a peripheral character so maybe giving him and other characters who are just “there” more screen time may fill the void.

I’m calling it now. Dylan will some how find the bug that is planted in Rhys’ office. Being the IT expert that he is and with the scheming techniques he’s learned from Lilo he will team up with Rhys to get back at Mags.


Brilliant! I love this! :grin:


Yes, good thinking!

You are right; she does look a bit older. I think Leisa Gwenllian, who plays Kylie, is about the age Kylie is meant to be. The original (at least in “my” day) Britney actress always seemed to look about the same age as Kylie.

Vince has been a bit more central in the past. I must admit he’s not being asked to do much at the moment.


I know that Llio and Dylan referred to some incident that led to their break-up - I don’t remember the details, but I understood Dylan had had either an affair or a one-night stand with someone else - I don’t know whether another woman was specified, or implied, or just my assumption, but I certainly didn’t get the impression that there was any dramatic coming-out narrative going on there.

That’s not to say it couldn’t happen now, of course, but it might seem a bit much like David redivivus.


Me neither. I suppose it could just be the scriptwriters making it up as they go along (come to think, I suppose that’s what they are paid to do :slight_smile: ), or new scriptwriters coming on the scene…

“Hey guys, let’s do a gay character…we’ve never had one of those before…”

“er, yes we have, and quite recently actually…as well as Rhys, of course”.

“okay, okay then, but let’s make him a southerner then…”

“Rhys’s boyfriend was a southerner.”

“Okay, okay, this is what we’ll do: we’ll let the new southern gay character throw over his girlfriend, come out, have a blistering affair with Rhys, and then get killed in a car crash. Bet you’d never thought of that…!”.


Dylan old boy, I’d get the brakes on that new car checked over very thoroughly by an independent garage, if I were you!


This would make more sense than my romantic assumption! Not the first time I’ve put dau and dau together and got pump!


Well, the two story-lines are not mutually exclusive, as I see it. :slight_smile:


Okay, I’m all caught up. Thoughts and a question:

[details=Spoiler] It looks like Meical and Michelle really are leaving the show. I’m a bit surprised, really, I thought it would all fall apart at the last minute. That seemed like a proper goodbye from the whole cast - it even included Mr. Lloyd. I wonder if Britney will get a story line of her own since she is staying.

No surprise that Kelvin didn’t take care of Mia properly. I didn’t have a strong opinion about him before the jail business, just thought he was fairly useless, but I actively dislike him now. He doesn’t try to improve, he knows he isn’t trying, and he doesn’t even care. Not even the chance of serious harm to his own child makes any difference. Lowri deserves so much better. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next!

So there was a mention by Kay of Ken having been in jail at some point. What’s that all about? Anyone - @mikeellwood - know? [/details]


I can’t do the spoiler magic! I will put it on the list of skills I need…

Me too. I’m quite surprised by it, but he has become supremely irritating. He reacts to everything a bit like a big, benign toddler - easily distracted, wondering off, looking rather hurt when told off, but not thinking it’s his fault at all.

Yep! So far she has been too tolerant, and everyone walks over her. I don’t think Phillip would do that, but I’m not at all convinced by them as a couple.

Wasn’t it nice to see him again?


I did it this way, thanks to @mikeellwood:

put text in between [ details=Spoiler ] and [ /details ]

Use the square brackets but make sure you don’t have any spaces inside them (but they are inserted here so you can see the tags, otherwise they would make a spoiler and not show up!

I totally agree with everything you wrote! :slight_smile:

(Glad to read elsewhere that all went well for your daughter! I’m sure that’s a huge relief.)


It is indeed! Thank you @AnnaC :relaxed:


Don’t forget that Michelle and Meical have been away before, although it might have been before your time. They went to Australia, ostensibly for ever, and ostensibly to be with Michelle’s son, Jonathan (? Hope I’ve got that right).

We would occasionally see them via Skype, talking to Dani. Then they came back, under a cloud.
I either have forgotten, or never completely understood what the problem was, but I think they had blotted their copybook, either with the Australian immigration authorities, or with the law.
(Does this not sound like typical Meical and Michelle…? - trying to take short cuts or what seemed like a “clever” option - until they get found out and then it doesn’t seem half as clever).

Whatever it was, they had to leave Australia, without any prospect of being able to return.
They came back to no jobs and no prospect of jobs, and that’s when they had the brainwave of starting a cleaning company, with the added “brainwave” (as we later found out) of playing fast and loose with the tax laws.

Ken and jail: I was vaguely aware of this somehow, but it must have been before my time.
Ken always seems to me to be one of the nicest characters in RaR, so I can’t believe it was for anything nasty. Perhaps, like his son, he got easily led into something he possibly didn’t understand was illegal.


Spoiler magic: occasionally, it hasn’t always worked for me. Not sure why. I must have dozed off at the back of the class during spoiler magic lessons…so I’m not quite so “gung-ho” about it as when I first proudly announced it … :blush:


Thanks for all that background, @mikeellwood! The Australia storyline is definitely before my time. Now that you explain it, I think I have heard some very vague mentions of Australia, but I didn’t know what they were referring to. It does sound like typical Meical and Michelle!

I had never heard anything about Ken being in jail before this, so it was a surprise–because, as you say, he’s so nice. That must be a really old storyline.

I tried the spoiler tags just that once and they worked like a charm. Sorry to hear they aren’t a consistent experience :slight_frown: Thanks to you, I was feeling like such a forum expert! :wink:


I’m sure you are Anna. I was probably drunk tired and emotional last time I tried them. :slight_smile:

I forgot to add (I think) re: Australia, that I found it quietly hilarious the fuss they made about seeing M & M off to Casnewydd,possibly more than they got when they went to Oz!

I mean, Casnewydd may be at the other end of Wales, but it’s hardly the other end of the world is it?

I know transport links in Wales aren’t exactly the fastest, but what can it be…3 hours away?

And there is always Skype. (Rick, in Casablanca 2018: “We’ll always have Skype” ). :wink: