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Rownd a Rownd


That exact thought occurred to me as soon ask he asked Ken for the deposit money. A good question! I don’t trust Mags o gwbl but she did look genuinely frightened at the idea of being sent to jail…


I think Sian should have her own detective show. Like Bergerac, but on Ynys Mon.


Almost certainly not. He never seems to learn any lessons.

I wish she had done the same as Mags, and got a recording of Mags blackmailing John. Then used the threat of prosecution to force her to give at least some of the money back to John.

Borrow it from Lowri, probably! (or not, as the case may be).

John could probably provide her with an appropriate motor. What was it, an Alvis or something? (Whatever it was, I think John Nettles said it was a pig to drive!).


I was pretty miffed, too, that the idea of paying any of the money back wasn’t even mentioned. And I like your idea.


It occurs to me that Siân won’t forgive John for along time (if ever), for putting her in such an impossible situation. Not to mention having lied to her for months.

He may think he’s got way with it (in that bluff way of his of just getting on with things), but you can guarantee that he hasn’t. It will come back to haunt him, one way or another, “mark my words”. (I’ve always wanted to say that, and never found a reason to :slight_smile: until now :slight_smile: ).


Very true!

She’s been hurt too much already for her to take it in her stride, but I can definitely see John just “moving on”.


Well, I was completely wrong about Siân and John. Chwarae teg iddi.

Poor old Dylan! Hope he finally finds a way to get one over on Matthew good and proper.

Barry: There is just no hope for him. Never learns, and never will learn. He will tolerate listening to Rhys giving him advice because they are old mates from way back (that was made clear when Rhys came into the programme), but he won’t actually take it. Well, he might go through the motions of an apology, but he won’t mean it or understand why it’s necessary.

Lowr! I wasn’t expecting that!


But Kelv just sat there! With a look on his face like someone had told him the internet was on the blink! YOUR WIFE IS LEAVING YOU, YOU NUMPTY! :roll_eyes::flushed::scream:


I almost expected him to say, after a moment or two: “What’s for afters, Mam?”


Aaaaaaaaaah Mr Lloyd!!!
Kelv! Tulips? Really? :roll_eyes:


And Smurf!

…and the situation with Lowri and Kelvin feels rather close to home for me.

Poor chap. I think he simply can’t do what Lowri wants from him; it’s not as simple as saying “tell me what you want to me to do”. As Lowri said, it’s lots of little things, every day – not something you can summarise in a list of two or three bullet points, or even ten.


I was thinking “… and that’s the problem!” If you don’t know how to make a relationship work then it’s not the relationship for you. And let’s face it, he hasn’t got a clue.


And his long-suffering Mam has told him so a bit more strongly than before.

“Have you ever done anything in/for this relationship?”


So I thought I’d better do a bit of work on understanding iath y gogledd before coming North next year for the party and bootcamp, so I’ve started watching Rownd a Rownd. I’ve recently more or less ditched the subtitles for Pobol Y Cwm (sometimes switch them on in Welsh for a short time) but the first time I tried RaR I understood practically nothing! But after a few weeks I’m doing OK with subtitles in Welsh.

Kelvin does seem particularly useless, surely he must have been a bit more appealing at some point or she wouldn’t have married him? I take it the kids are not his? What’s the relationship with everyone else living in that house, are Kylie and Kelvin brother and sister?


But his Mam is part of the problem. Or rather his living with his parents is. They’ve attempted to get a place of their own in the past, but for (plot-related, I suspect) various reasons, they’ve not managed it.

Took me a while to work out when I first started watching it, but yes, Kelvin and Kylie are siblings (they have a thing about the letter “K”!).

Robbie isn’t Kelvin’s. I’ve never come across the father; must have been out of the programme when I started watching. But Mia is definitely Kelvin’s. Lowri and Kelvin went through a rocky period once before, but decided to make a go of it, and Mia was the result!

It was nice to hear her speak in that episode! I wondered if it had been scripted, or if she’d just copied “Robbie”! I thought “Ken” was amused by it, which made me think it might not have been scripted.

I think Kelvin does have some virtues. He’s probably hard working, but has to be told what to do. He’s quite good with the kids. Just lacks imagination and maturity.


Thanks for the explanation! One other question, why was he in prison?


He went away for a weekend trip (to Spain? Mallorca? Sa i’n siwr) and some unknown person hid drugs in his luggage, and Kelvin was arrested while trying to re-enter Prydain. Although he was clearly innocent, he was tried and pled guilty for smuggling drugs and was jailed for a few months. (While in prison, he got a tattoo on his shoulder saying “Lowri am buth”, spelling mistake and all!)


To add a little to Hendrik’s reply: I think it was either a “stag” weekend, or possibly a football trip. Anyway, it was definitely a “lad’s weekend away”. Lowri didn’t want him to go, but he booked it anyway, and the first she knew he was definitely going was seeing him wave “hwyl fawr” from the minibus!

A wonder she didn’t divorce him on the spot, but she “stood by him”, at least at first. However, that was the beginning of the end of their marriage, and the affair with Philip developed slowly while Kelvin was “inside”.


Thanks to the Beca interview with Leisa Gwenllian (which I’ve been slow to catch up with), I now realise that her brother also works on Rownd a Rownd. I’ll leave people to do the final piece of detective work to find out which character he plays… :wink:


Having re-watched, I’m pretty sure after all that it was in the script. Anyway, I hope they give her more words to speak!