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Rownd a Rownd


Anybody still watching this? It’s quite good viewing at the minute, what with the Hwntws business woes and Kay on the warpath.

I’m finding that recording on Sky is better for me, as it allows me to watch with Welsh subtitles. The iplayer only seems to do English subtitles. I find Welsh ones more helpful.


Yup, I watch it mainly to get my ear attuned to the delicate nature of a full on gog accent…like Arthurs…


And of course to listen the most heavenly accent of Carys…:sunglasses:


Yes, Arthur can be a bit of a struggle!


I’m A Gwenno man myself. Something about the way she said “wit-a-wiw” to Carwyn the other day…


I drove past a couple of weeks ago and struggled to reconcile fiction and reality. I saw the pizza moped parked outside and felt an uncontrollable urge to ask if I could have a go on it.


Just spotted this on the Welsh Speaking Practice channel:


Clic has Welsh subtitles:


Unfortunately, at least on my smart TV, there is no “Clic” type app, so I have to watch it on a computer. The TV does have a browser of sorts, but that’s a pain to use, and I’m not sure the subtitles have worked when I have tried watching RaR that way.

There is an S4C app for mobile devices, but ISTR that subtitles didn’t work last time I tried. Alternatively, you might try going to S4C from the mobile device’s browser. I think that has worked (with subtitles) on my phone.


Yesterday 4 of us off the SSIW hangouts met in London. I put the meeting on the Cofiwch Dryweryn Facebook group asking if any first language speakers wanted to join us. I heard back off Leri Ann Roberts who used to play Erin in the programme and she came to speak welsh with us for two hours. She was so nice, very impressed with us all and shocked that we were learning and had done so well. For me the most interesting part of the conversation (so interesting I switched to English for a while just to make sure I didnt miss anything) was when she was telling us about people thinking that she the actoress was actually the girl she was playing. She told us how one old Lady in a hairdressing salon in North Wales got right in her face and told her she needed a good slap. Fascinating stuff. Anyway she made our day by giving us the chance to speak with her.


Wow, what a great experience, and how nice of her to do that.

“used to play” - does that mean she’s not coming back? I suppose I hadn’t fully taken on board that Erin was supposed to be going abroad to work, or rather, I vaguely assumed that it wouldn’t last, and she’d soon be back home, “borowing” money off dad/John.

I suppose characters do have to move on, but I’m always sorry when one leaves…well, not in the case of Mags. I hope we’ve seen the back of her!


Hi Mike,

She told us that she is trying to pursue a career in Music and that’s why she is living in London and the door has been left open for her to come back if she wants to at any time. Her character has gone to Spain.


Erin and Mags have both left and two new (to us) characters have arrived. The new headteacher has two daughter’s.


Just started watching this. Hooked already :grin:


I’m hoping Gwenno brings her mum back with her from Torquay. It’s not safe for her to be on her own. Maybe she can live in the same place as Mr. Lloyd? She wouldn’t have to worry about speaking Welsh rather than English.

Ok, I admit I really just want a Mr. Lloyd sighting :joy: he speaks clearly and is easy to understand.


I had been going to post the following, and this seems a good a place as any!

If you are missing the voice of Mr Lloyd, it can currently be heard on this comedy drama on Radio Cymru:

Of course, they are trying to pretend he is somebody else, but they don’t fool me! :slight_smile:

I’m almost certain Terry Phillips is keeping him company.

(I think it might have been on before actually)

I agree with you that Mr Lloyd is a lovely clear speaker.


The older one, Mali, looks the spit of her mother. I wondered if the actress is the real daughter of the actress playing her mum. It’s not obvious from her name in the cast list, but names in cast list can often be misleading. Sometimes what appears to be a last name can really be a middle name.

There are some family pairings in RaR for anyone who doesn’t know. Sophie’s daughter “Mair” is played by the actresses real daughter. And Kylie’s and Robbie’s actors are siblings, although you would not know it from their apparent surnames.

I used to think that Mia might be Lowri Gwynne(“Lowri”)'s real daughter, but I asked on the RaR Facebook page, and they said she wasn’t. (I was glad to get a reply though).


I noticed that as well. Mali should meet iestyn they can be miserable together. Although I do agree with her activism but I also think part of it is to make things harder on her mom at work. She said something about holding her mom accountable at this school? I can’t remember exactly but I think it’s going to be a long school year.

I felt sorry for Sophie over her breakup with Dylan but it needed to be done. I actually understood more of their conversation in Copa than I thought I would. Maybe it was because it was a serious conversation and they were speaking more slowly and probably a bit quietly to not draw attention.

It’s an older video and may have been posted before but here is Rhys interviewing Mr. Lloyd. He’ll always be Mr. Lloyd to me. I’m still upset by what happened to him on Un Bore Mercher. How dare they!


The ever-talented Leisa Gwenllian (Kylie):


So, what do people think of Aled then?

Ydy o’r peth gorau erioed, neu oes ganddo fo rhywbeth i guddio?
Is he the best thing since sliced bread, or does he have something to hide?

Do people normally move back to a quiet place after living in the bright lights of London? Then I wondered if he’d moved back because his heart had been broken by a girl. But of course, it need not have been a girl.

And Rhys needs some company, according to John…

You heard it here first! :wink:


I like Aled so far. He certainly seems to be the answer to all of Copa’s problems. He did show up rather conveniently though… I’m glad Rhys was in this episode I was getting worried. I was wrong about a potential Rhys and Dylan pairing but I wouldn’t mind being right about Aled and Rhys.

Sophie and Dylan need to have another chat. Get some closure. It’s a small area and they’re going to end up running into each other multiple times a week. I like them together but they disagree on a major issue. I don’t think it’s fair on either of them to suddenly change their mind and go along with what the other one wants or doesn’t want. It will only lead to resentment later. Have a chat, end on better terms, and be friends.

I’m guessing a Anest and Jason relationship will develop? She seems quite jealous of Sara, although she really shouldn’t be as all Jason is doing is talking to Iestyn. Jason doesn’t know that though. Maybe it’s not a potential love interest at all. Anest may just be upset that she’s losing her friend to someone else. Jason won’t even give her the time of day.

One last thing. Im a little concerned that it took Philip to tell Dani and Jac that they should get married at the registrars office. They couldn’t think of it themselves? I guess the main plot point was them being scammed/not legally married and all that Dani could focus on.