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Yeah, got to love the Italian side as we see the Zebra and Treviso teams playing in Wales.


Well…St Patrick’s Day is upon us. It’s good for whatever ails you and has made for a heavy heart.

That w a s a drubbing…


Aye, but spare a tear or two for Scotland and Italy Sean. You can be sure there are plenty of Welsh who’ll be raising a glass or two to honour St. Patrick–assuming they don’t drink the pubs dry before that.



You’re nice, @rich! :slight_smile:
(and also @JohnYoung and @MarilynHames too showing sympathy for the losers, too :wink: )

However I doubt it will seriously improve as long as team gets so little support: nobody really talks about it, and gets almost zero coverage in Italy - except for a brief moment a few years when it was all over the news as a virtuous example of sport, as opposed to corrupted and money-based football - but didn’t last long!
Very few kids want to play rugby, they all want to be Ronaldo. And average Italian moms don’t their precious bambini to play something so rough, so it’s not going to work. :joy:


:joy::joy::joy:. Shared on Facebook by Steph Whelton Pembrokeshire


I was gutted not to be there after having tickets very early on. Sadly, hubby hasn’t been well most of this year so we couldn’t go in the end but watched enthusiastically ar y teledu. Fantastic weekend of rugby and so pleased (ecstatic) that Wales won. Bizarrely, I ended up in the Principality this week for a conference which felt really weird seeing the ground empty after so much happening a few days before.
Fel, dw i’n mynd i gwylio’r Scarlets eto ar y penwythnos a dw i’n moyn dysgu’r geiriau rygbi. Gobeithio! :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad you both enjoyed the rugby and we did.
Hope hubby is feeling better. The rugby must have been a good tonic for you both. I was over the moon and really, really enjoyed the Six Nations. Absolutely brilliant result.


Diolch yn fawr iawn, annmore.


Copied from Y Wenwhyseg (SE Wales) term of the day-
Rwyfus = restless; fidgety; nervous

-Pwy sy’n rwyfus y bora 'ma? = Who is nervous this morning?


If you’re a rugby fan and interested in cartoons, you might like this Facebook page by a freelance cartoonist:


Pontypool RFC have just set up a Welsh Speakers/Learners group that meets up before kick off, last week some of the players came along too- it was great. The Menter for Blaenau Gwent/Torfaen was there too with sheets of rugby vocabulary for us learners- the Welsh names of the positions and stuff like that, there’s some info on the Twitter link here :slight_smile:




Before our home game with Trebanos today, we’ll be hosting a Welsh-language meet-up.

All are welcome, no matter what level of Welsh you speak (including none at all!)

A few of our players, CEO @BenJeffreys and some friends from @TrebanosRugby will be there too!

— Pontypool RFC (@PontypoolRFC) October 12, 2019


@jane-dorrian do you know if this is going to be a regular thing before home games? I’ll mention it in the weekly newsletter if it is.


Hi Deborah, I think it will be happening before each home game- I’ll double check and confirm when I get a reply :slight_smile:


A little something that’s just popped up in my facebook feed that may interest some of you -

Mae Avanti yn chwilio am deuloedd neu ffrindiau i fod yn rhan o gynulleidfa rhithiol ar gyfer y gyfres nesaf o “Jonathan” ar S4C !!! Os hoffech chi gymryd rhan yna cysylltwch am sgwrs. Neges o Deiniol: “Does dim rhaid i chi ddweud dim byd ond dilyn cyfarwyddyd gen i a bydd recordio yn cymryd tua 10 munud dros zoom. Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi gyd. Disgwl mlaen i gael bach o sbort. Cofion Deiniol Wyn Rees” Ewch amdani!!!

translation -
Avanti (TV company) are looking for families or friends to be part of a virtual audience for the next series of “Jonathan” on S4C. If you’d like to take part, contact for a chat. Message from Deiniol: “There is no need for you to say anything but follow directions I have and the recording will take about 10 minutes via zoom. Big thanks to you all. Looking forward to having a bit of fun. Regards Deiniol Wyn Rees”. Go for it!


Hi all, as the United Rugby Championship is on S4C and BBC this year I’m gonna make more of an effort to watch as much of it as possible (I used to watch loads but only recently realised I could get S4C through freesat/streaming). Is anyone else a regular follower of the regions at all?
I’ve also decided to give the fantasy version of URC a go too. If anyone’s interested - we can set up a SSIW league, let me know. I’ve never used this site before, so I dunno how good it is, but its the only URC option I could find. Apologies if its rubbish! :smile:


Just seen this included in the newsletter which i wasn’t expecting! I’ve had check and although the season has started, its possible to do a “late starting league” if anyone wants to. Still plenty of time