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You are in the same position as @Deborah-SSi is when we play the All Blacks! You are very kind to say it is our time to win. Based on last week’s efforts, I hardly dare watch!!
@Deborah-SSi S4C, 5.00 pm!
May the best team win (but I can’t hope praying it will be Cymru!)


Huw Jones for Yr Alban, scoring tries! At least part Cymro!
Does he have a Welsh granny? Man of match!
22/23.need drop goal 80mins!
Scotland WANTED this game, but Aus just won!
Lessons for WRU - play to win and see thread on ticket prices - get your home crowd there to support you!


Great effort, Scotland!


I didnt have the pleasure to watch the Scotties! Never in doubt they put all the effort!
While a tough game between Argentina and Wales! It was really hard to watch!
Deserved win for Wales, not a big game, but at least they got the victory!


Diolch for being so sporting! I think a draw would actually have been fair. I do not think we are playing very well at present, and now our tim per-droed (football team) seems to be out of the World Cup!
What we need is more umph!!


I tried watching Rugby League; England v Australia. Slightly strange compared to Union. Some good tries 1st half, then I fell asleep.


I find League very formalised, easy to,get bored!


Cymru v Japan 77min 30-30 , oh diw! 33! Drop goal, Phew! Not our best win!


And my neighbours - Italy - beat Springboks (South Africa) for the first time ever! I was glad for Italians and happy the match Wales VS Japan is over at last. If we’d play some more we might even loose the game …

Hmmm … since good form is getting closer and closer to my country - Slovenia (now Italy took RSA down) and Slovenian team is better and better, I wonder, can I dream one (way too distant though) day my little country would play against Wales and if even in a friendly?

Yah, I know, silly daydreaming and besides … which flag will I wave up high then? Probably both … , singing “Mae hen Gwlad” as loud as “Zdravljica” :slight_smile:


You wait 111 years for a win - will two come within a fortnight? Nah, suspect this’ll be the battering we should have got in Chicago!


Why not @tatjana?
I remember when the very idea of Italy and Japan playing Boks and Cymru with any hope of victory was crazy! Viva Slovenia!


Watched Blacks. A little too much dirty play I think! Watching Scotland. Not sure what to hope for. If they win well, heaven help us in 6 Nations! Well, 19 - 16 about OK draw would have been fair.


@tatjana I am watching Scotland v Georgia. If Slovenia can do well against Georgia, they may do well against 6nations teams. Some think Italy and Georgia should play off for the 6th place in that competition. I suspect the rest of us do not dare to risk being demoted ever, as all teams go through bad patches!
@louis @gavinM I have to admit to wanting Cymru to win against the Boks. I have to admit I will not faint with shock if we lose!


We don’t play Giorga in any case. Georgia is in higher group so I can’t possibly know what the resut would be especially as quality of our rugby went quite up since the regulation that people who have roots in one country can play for it if they decide. We’ve got 5 Skofič brothers from England, 2 players from France and 1 from Australia who played even against Lions the last times they were there and 1 from South Africa. We have Kiwi coach also … No one from Scotland though, :slight_smile: and even less from Cymru. The sad thing is though that such regulation does not guilt for Olympics. If it would we could be quite at the top in 7s. :slight_smile:


Oh dear. Boks in trouble, so, in theory, we had best Autumn series ever, but we didn’t play the Blacks and Boks ran us close despite their problems. I back Ireland for 6 nations unless we sort ourselves out big time!


And we won! Wooooooohoooooooooooooooo


Unfortunately, we were not playing a very good Bok side. I am watching Ireland v
Wallabies, which I recorded, and lreland make both us and the Boks look like zombies! I think Aus are playing better than the Boks at the moment. This is why I am not hopeful for us in 6 nations!


I will keep faith anyway … :slight_smile:


One more autumn international. @Stevo interested? I was at the 1991 World Cup final. Some kind person had photocopied the words of “Advance Australia Fair” Many Aussies in the crowd didn’t know it either! The people of each disappointed nation arrived in blocks, Irish Australians, Aussies Cymru, Scots etc. Twickenham was a little confused that day! I suppose I’ll record it and watch it if I can bear it!


Ah well. 6 Nations is a different thread. I thought at first yesterday’s game reminded me of Twickenham 1991, but no, :cry: