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I can’t deny that Dan Biggar and Liam Williams and Alun Wyn Jones had their part to play in the great event that just happened in Cardiff. However, I think the key contribution was from … me. I got up this morning and put on my lucky Wales rugby shirt (the black one) that I wore in Slattery’s pub in Dublin in 2015, when Wales beat Ireland in the World Cup. Then I had Warburton’s crumpets for breakfast (made in England, I know, but in honour of Sam, you understand), then for lunch a large mug of Welsh Breakfast tea. England gave us some difficult moments, but the fix was in.

You’re welcome.


I am very pleased you chose to contribute ! It was a great game, and your lucky shirt, lucky crumpets, and lucky tea turned the tide. That last 10 minutes - epic !


I didn’t think to share some links that I found because I don’t follow rugby:



I managed to watch in the evening on iPlayer after successfully avoiding any word about it in work. What a stressful game to watch, no wonder I get heart palpitations. Watching the women trying to make it 3/3 now … it doesn’t look good up till now but they’ve just scored their first try of the championship. Get in!


2015? How time flies! I wore that shirt in 2011. In 2015 I was in the U.K. and got to see some World Cup matches at the Principality Stadium. I’m just about over the Ireland-Canada match now.


Aaaaaahhhh !!! Almost a heart attack on this ssaturday february 23 !!! Maybe not sa super rufby (they say) but great emotions ! GREAT, anyway !!!


Scarlets erbyn Munster.
Rhywun jyst wedi enill crys Lee Halfpenny. Someone just won Lee Halfpenny’s shirt in a draw.


Mae’n wlyb iawn!! Chwarae teg i’r Scarlets.
10 - 6


I was there getting wet.


Looking forward to the matches this weekend. As I am now in Carmarthen, I have a friendly rivalry with Dad and brother, who are in Northampton. Needless to say they haven’t spoken to me much this past week… Between that, and the imminent start of the Cheltenham Festival, I am a happy girl, despite the current weather !


Oh no, my friend and I stayed dry in the softy seats - I’m guessing opposite you real supporters. We did get wet on the way back to the car though.

Obviously I won’t mention a neighbouring region, as that would be too controversial :wink:


As a reluctant convert to the Ospreys, being the only true region, after a lifetime of being a Pontypridd supporter (and still am) and seeing the demise of the Celtic Warriors, I was a bit lost for words listening to Taro’r Post and the Head of the Scarlets supporters club saying that the Ospreys didn’t have the hundred plus long History of a club like the Scarlets!!


Sounds slightly strange as Swansea alone have a 147 year history.


such is the old rivalries, something important that the money men don’t seem to understand - and they wonder where all the supporters have gone. I spoke to a lifelong Ebbw Vale supporter in Tredegar and asked him about the goings on with the regions and he just said “scrap the lot of them”.
It’s a mess for sure.


My goodness, a nervous last 2 minutes ! Well played, and what a game.


I don’t kjow if this topic is OK for VI nations 2019 (I saw one, but for VI nations 2018). I just want to say :
Mersi bras, bro Gembre !
Diolch yn fawr, Cymru !!!


I can hear the singing from here—oh, that’s because it is me. The Vancouver Welsh are celebrating for sure, and we have so much of the day left to celebrate!!!

Couldn’t resist emailing all my Irish friends here with a simple ‘Chwarae teg—fair play, they tried’. I think they will get the irony :joy::joy::joy:

At church, I have been known to change the hymn-boards to read the rugby scores—Wales always on the RH one in red—Ireland on the LH. Subtle eh. And of course I would quietly suggest parishioners ask our Irish rector about ‘the rugby’—even if they didn’t have a clue what it is, some probably thought it was a medical condition so they should show appropriate sympathy.




Cheers to Grand Slam for Wales and one more Wooden Spoon+Whitewash for Italy! :laughing:

Un brindisi al Grande Slam del Galles e l’ennesimo Cucchiaio di Legno + Imbiancata dell’Italia.Cin cin! Iechyd da! :clinking_glasses:


Italy played well today I thought - they definitely deserved to win. That would have done them the world of good - I was cheering for them. :wink:

International rugby is very finely balanced and depends on details…and confidence - perhaps the biggest single thing - but one which is very difficult to manage.

They have talent in the team. Fingers crossed for next year…and the World Cup.

Rich :slight_smile:


As they say Gisela it’s the taking part that counts. Enthralling games all round today but Wales :woman_cartwheeling: