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Sadwrn Siarad! 01/05/2021 🗣


Yes, there is that brief moment when I think “oh it’s not really live!”.
I think we all naturally tended to transpose the experience we’re used to k to a virtual world as similar as possible as the original.

However, turns out that almost every single live performance and festival I’ve seen had some form of technical trouble - for sound of connection.
And In any case playing in front of an empty room doesn’t feel like playing in front of an audience anyway…so I’m not surprised now more and more performances are pre-recorded.

Of course looking forward to seeing real gigs!

But until then, a good side is that there’s so many more courses and events on Zoom and we can join from all over the world, like @betterlatethan was noticing.

P.s. I didn’t spot @BronwenLewis in the crowd, but would have had no way to say hello anyway!