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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


Saw Mari Llywd Saith Seren on Dal Ati : Bore da this morning! Da iawn chi! Geraint, the beard is flourishing well! @gruntius what do you do for fertilizer?


I douse it with the blood of my enemies.


I’ve been reminded that this thread exists so as a reminder to you all our Monday evening gatherings still exist. Please come along if you are in the area.

Things have started moving to get a guest or two in so I’ll keep you all posted as to who and when.


Things are still going well in Wrecsam, we still get a good double-figure turn out every Monday evening, we still have an open invitation to anyone wishing to join us, we still have wobbly tables.

On the 8th April a small group of people are making the trip from the Coventry area for a chat so we’re going to lay on a bit of a spread. Travelling is hungry work after all. If anyone else fancies popping along we can promise you a curled up butty and a scotch egg for your troubles. Please let me know here if you fancy it and we’ll make sure there’s enough grub to go round.


I may well try to pop in on a Monday evening when I have some spare time!


Nice one, the 8th (fortnite last night) will be a good one.


It’s the third Monday of the month so that means quiz night at the Saith Seren. It’s bilingual so is ideal if you still aren’t that confident with your speaking/listening skills but would like to get to know the place and people.

Come along, we don’t (usually) bite.


I occasionally make a trip from Swansea to the North of England, and usually try to use a Welsh route rather than the M5, so sometimes pass Wrecsam. It would be great to pop in on a Monday night some time if possible. I must make the effort.


You’ll always* find a Welsh welcome. :grinning:

*Mondays 19:15-22:00


O, neis iawn. Diolch, Geraint. Really nice of you. Thanks, Geraint.