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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


Saw Mari Llywd Saith Seren on Dal Ati : Bore da this morning! Da iawn chi! Geraint, the beard is flourishing well! @gruntius what do you do for fertilizer?


I douse it with the blood of my enemies.


I’ve been reminded that this thread exists so as a reminder to you all our Monday evening gatherings still exist. Please come along if you are in the area.

Things have started moving to get a guest or two in so I’ll keep you all posted as to who and when.


Things are still going well in Wrecsam, we still get a good double-figure turn out every Monday evening, we still have an open invitation to anyone wishing to join us, we still have wobbly tables.

On the 8th April a small group of people are making the trip from the Coventry area for a chat so we’re going to lay on a bit of a spread. Travelling is hungry work after all. If anyone else fancies popping along we can promise you a curled up butty and a scotch egg for your troubles. Please let me know here if you fancy it and we’ll make sure there’s enough grub to go round.


Nice one, the 8th (fortnite last night) will be a good one.


It’s the third Monday of the month so that means quiz night at the Saith Seren. It’s bilingual so is ideal if you still aren’t that confident with your speaking/listening skills but would like to get to know the place and people.

Come along, we don’t (usually) bite.


I occasionally make a trip from Swansea to the North of England, and usually try to use a Welsh route rather than the M5, so sometimes pass Wrecsam. It would be great to pop in on a Monday night some time if possible. I must make the effort.


You’ll always* find a Welsh welcome. :grinning:

*Mondays 19:15-22:00


O, neis iawn. Diolch, Geraint. Really nice of you. Thanks, Geraint.


I’m predicting a rather different evening this week … one of our core members, Ifor, passed away Tuesday night. Ifor (I’m not sure if it’s actually Ivor so apologies if I’m wrong) was one of the most long serving and regular members needing a serious excuse to miss a week and was also one of the more vocal and supportive of us. He was involved in a few other groups in the area even having started one himself in the museum and was a member of a choir which took him on stage at several events including the Eisteddfod (winning awards along the way).

Please, please come along if you can, let’s raise a drink to Ifor, it won’t be sombre. :grinning:


It all got a bit heavy last night talking about the reduction of numbers on Monday evenings and the reasons behind this. For the last several months we’ve been noticing this with a few theories as to why. Quite a few people don’t come when the monthly Menter Iaith quiz is being held, others don’t like the noisy ladies’ darts matches every other week, quite a few quote both. The priority of the venture was always to promote the Welsh language but now it seems to be about making money … in my eyes it’s dangerously close to becoming just another pub in Wrecsam. I know it needs to make money to stay open in order to promote the language but how is a learner encouraged to come along and converse in Welsh when it’s difficult to hear what’s going on? I don’t know the figures but the campaign spearheaded by SSiW a few years ago brought in, and probably still does, enough money to cover the expensive rental costs for the building but that seems to have been forgotten these days. I don’t know, maybe I’m talking through gritted teeth a little too much.


My Welsh class finished for the summer last night so I was thinking of coming over to Saith Seren instead until September. Are there not enough people going to chat or is it too noisy to be able to hear each other?


Croeso mawr. There are still enough people to chat and it isn’t too noisy to hear, it’s just not like it was. It’s me having a winge. :grinning:


Looks as if I was quite lucky, then, Monday last week when I had my first visit to Saith Seren - it was reasonably quiet and the six of us there had a good sgwrs. You’re dead right about noise though - it can really off-putting, especially for new learners. Back home we’ve ended up changing venues because of noise and have permanently lost at least one of the group because of it. It would be good if Monday night could be made an ‘official’ quiet night - are there any possibilities at all of people agreeing to move the Menter Iaith quiz night, darts match etc to another night?


There’s something on there every night of the week now, which is great for the pub but no chance for us or other things to be moved.


O bechod :frowning:


@gruntius I will be somewhere near Wrecsam 9 September. Will there be a group of people to chat with to make it worth my while making the detour and staying over?


It was a really quiet evening last night with 9 of us present so you should get at least that many. I’m working days that day so I’ll be there too. :grinning:


Bendigedig! Brilliant. I’ll sort myself out somewhere to camp nearby. I’m due in Mold the next day


That’s great. I notice you are a new member so welcome to the forum. The usual evening consists of just a bunch of people hanging out having a chat, if you want me to sort anything else out for you just ask here.