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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


Dinas: A nice compliment, Geraint!

And fully deserved, I might add!

SSiWers lead the way getting out there and using their Welsh, and Gruntius - you are one of the leading SSiWers! Diolch yn fawr to everyone being such a great advert for Welsh and for SSiW.


Diolch Kim and Iestyn, it was a really nice boost to the ego. I think SSiW self propels. The more successful we are then the more we tell others about the course. (then they usually choose to ignore the advice and carry on doing their classroom lessons anyway.) :wink:


Geraint: It sounds like I missed a good session last night! Good to hear about your confidence boost. The girl is right, your Welsh is excellent. I don’t think she would have been quite as impressed with mine. Must try and get to the Saith Seren next week, but then again it’s a Bank Holiday, so not sure about that, the week after definitely! I will look forward to hearing about Carrie’s fantastic idea.


Things are back to normal in Y Saith Seren this week following the special guest appearance of Aran last week.

Please come down for a chat.


Another great night and another “new starter”, a lad by the name of Antony who’s been learning in the classroom since January. Another chance for me to hand out a card and talk at someone about the benefits of SSiW. I’m down to about 8 cards left now I think. :frowning:




It’s been “about 2 months” since I’ve written anything on here so here I am again trying to encourage you down for a chat.

Every Monday night from about 7:30 onwards.


Well, what a great night in y Saith Seren tonight. Another new guy tonight, first language Welsh by the name of Aled who lives just a couple of hundred yards from me … who knew. @Ivan, apparently you know him. :wink:


Heddiw, S4C, 15.00 (3.00 p.m.) “Wrescsam 'di Wrexham”, featuring Saith Seren!!!
2 programmes, possibly part of a series?


Thanks for the info, they might be repeats from a couple of years ago but I’ll be watching again. :blush:


Having watched the first, I realised they were repeats which I’d missed first time around! Lack of banners hanging outside Saith Seren was a give-away! Still, I may not be the only one to have missed them!! (And you may not be the only one to want to see them eto!)


Wel heddiw o’n i’n gwylio Dal Ati a Gegin Bryn. O’n i’n mynd i wylio Wrecsam ‘di Wrexham hefyd ond yn yn anffodus o’n i angen mynd allan. Ar ol gwrando ar radio cymru o’n i’n ffeindio bo’ fi’n medru deallt Bryn. Wel weithiau! Dw i’n gobeithio mynd i Saith Seren eto yn fuan. Ond mae’n anodd dros y gwyliau.


I’m going to try to put up regular little updates about Monday nights at y Saith Seren again. Hopefully this should whet your appetite to come along to the Wrexham pub or, at least, go along to a chat session near you.

Last week saw a lovely couple turn up for the first time, Leona and Tom(???)( I really am hopeless with names), one ex-welsh school pupil slightly out of practice and the other wanting to learn. Nice 10 min chat with one and some hard sell SSiW with the other. :joy:

Don’t forget, turn up when you like, leave when you like, have a chat if you like, improve your Welsh if you like, bring cake if you like.


I look forward to your updates! Since seeing Saith Seren on S4C, I feel I sort of know it and will be able to visualise. Coming in person is definitely not an option!


I’m already delighted with your intention to put updates here. I had (really tiny) plan to visit it while in Cymru, but the ways have driven me other ways at the end (due to financial thingys sadly to be honest).

So, if there would be that so desired “next time” in Cymru I’ll try to plan visit Saith Seren and I’ll hopefully remember it should be on Monday. :slight_smile:


Tonight’s meeting was a weird one, there were about a hundredlebetytwelve people in the pub when I arrived, it turns out a choir came in to practice. They started at about half seven so we couldn’t really chat, they were too loud, but they finished just after 8 so not too bad, just a little frustrating. There were only 8 of us there tonight and we had a really good conversation as usual.

Please feel free to join us next week or whenever. :blush:


I finally popped in today after taking my son swimming in waterworld. Three people in there all speaking english…“ga i brechdan caws, brechdan ham, panad o goffi du a hanner o lemonade?”…for once no nerves…then…“so you dont want pickle then?”…“dim diolch”…“that’s eight seventy please”. Oh well


Hmmm … Now, this left me a bit surprised. …

It’s like at famous Y Mochyn Du in Cardiff where you just (obviously) have to have a fortune to find Welsh speaking staff there. :slight_smile: Maybe it was just occassion and next time you appear at Saith Seren there will be all speaking Welsh. :slight_smile: who knows …


There is one lady working there that doesn’t speak Welsh, she was learning but hasn’t improved in about 3 years, as far as I know all the others do. Apart from a Monday night you will struggle to find many customers speaking Welsh. Sorry you missed out on a chance to have a conversation.

Just for info, someone asked about the flags outside (@tatjana?), there are 4 at the moment but they will be putting 2 more up quite soon I believe.



Yup … they should do that as they were granted to do so. :slight_smile:

Hmmm … did she never show an interest to know (for example) where you’re learning and perhaps give it a go? :slight_smile: