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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


You can lead a horse to water …


Aha. That explains it. She made no effort at all which really surprised me.

I thought i would pop in and if it was quiet have a quick chat to whoever was there.

Oh well. At least i ordered in welsh…


And obviously you were understood … :slight_smile:


Indeed… Would have been nice if she had said something even diolch

Perhaps a training idea… Aknowledge customers who speak welsh. Apologise for not speaking welsh.

Honestly i feel myself turning into a fervent nationalist!


Yes, agree with this. :slight_smile:


If @gruntius knows the management, maybe he could have a quiet word? I truly think the lady could learn, “Diolch” and she could apologise in English, “I’m so sorry, I’m only just learning Welsh and I don’t have the confidence to speak it.” Maybe, having said that, she might be encouraged to learn to say that, or at least part of it yn Gymraeg?
Everyone on here knows I am an unreconstructed Nationalist!
And I have never spoken Welsh well!


Lets not flame her. It was perhaps a one off. Just frustrating for me thats all.


Another great night in Wrecsam … nothing special but constant, interesting conversations covering all manner of subjects.

I love Monday nights.


It’s Monday again, who’s up for a nice, stress free, relaxing chat in a good pub?

Or, you can come to the Saith Seren in Wrecsam with me. :blush:


Wish i could at the moment but am worn out


I’m going to have to attend one of these Monday evenings soon. They sound rather good :slight_smile:


Tonight was yet another great night of really interesting conversations. To start off with there was a lady recording interviews for the BBC world service (in English) about stuff and things. I didn’t bother to be honest because I’m really shy as you all know. She then sat with us for a while and chatted in Welsh and was very complimentary about the level of Welsh we all spoke. There was quite a lot of chat about SSiW tonight, I think there is some interest in bootcamps on the rise. I’m really tired now as you can probably tell from the wording here so I’ll leave it there.


Have you (collectively) had any luck with that English-speaking barfemaleperson?
(luck as in persuading her to learn a bit of Welsh I mean).


I was there friday and ordered in welsh but she replied in english again


We, as in the Monday night group, have discussed the situation, without naming names :wink:, but it hasn’t gone any further than that at the moment. I don’t want to make a special effort to discuss it with d’management but they show their faces fairly regularly and the question will be asked. All in good time.


Hoping to go tonight…but am very tired at the moment so having a big caffeine hit!



Dw i wedi cyrraedd yn gynnar iawn.

I have arrived very early,


I really enjoyed another night in y Saith Seren. I sat next to @petermescall who got involved in all the conversations like a pro. It’s always a pleasure to sit amongst friends and have a relaxed chat but even better when it’s in Welsh.

I can’t go next week and I’m already missing it. :blush:


He is being far too generous. But it was a great meeting.


Guess where i’ve been today… :wink: