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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


I watched so eagerly on Heno, but it was at the beginning and before any of what you described! I never saw you, @gruntius, and I do know, if you’d been in camera range, I’d have known your beard - unless.- you haven’t shaved it have you??? Please say not!!
Maybe there will be a lot more on Dal Ati. Heno starts at 7.00 and I suspect the bit from Saith Seren was in the first quarter hour!
I want to see the pickle-jar-tug, who else was competing with @Pete2? Did any of you take pics??


Here’s my back on heno!

As for the jar of pickled onions…the old mr muscle ads spring to mind.


Wel, diolch, ond… which back is your back???


Third from right. Grey sweatshirt.


Autograph please Pete2 :wink:
Did anyone else spot Aran on Heno a couple of weeks ago ?


Wait till dal ati on sunday @gruntius is interviewed! :slight_smile:


Wowee!! Will set it to record!! Diolch, @Pete2 for the info!! Will we get to see the tug of war or/and your front???


Definitely no to the task of getting a lid off a jar of pickled onions.

But maybe…i seemed to spend a lot of time at the bar!


You amaze me! :laughing: :sunny:


Already suffering retrospective Hiraeth for the party, having been unable to attend as a family member was unwell. But delighted that everyone else seems to have had a good time. Definitely coming next year … :smile:


Well, I,watched and saw @gruntius for sure and @lynnbateman. Obviously lots more, but I could not put faces and names together. It looked like fun! Nobody could have thought dysgu Cymraeg was boring!
Yn dda iawn, pawb!


Just who is this handsome chap…oh and @gruntius

Fame at last…


Diolch yn fawr!


I haven’t seen it yet so I’m looking forward to it. I can say that I felt like a deer in the headlights but managed to think of loads of useful, interesting stuff … as soon as the interview finished. :astonished:


Wel chwarae teg, o’n i’n meddwl bo’ chdi’n grêt i drio gwneud o. Doedd gen i ddim digon o hyder a dylet ti deimlo’n falch ohonot ti dy hun.

Wrth gwrs, “pwysig” oedd y gair gorau! :wink:

Well fair play, I think that you’re great to try to do it. I did not have enough confidence and you should feel proud of yourself.

Of course, “important” was the best word.


I thought you were brilliant and definitely not boring! How much does your beard grow each year? It is glorious! :grinning:


To be honest @Pete2, pride doesn’t come into it anymore, I just say “bugger it” and throw myself in. Without going into “oh woe is me” details I can talk to anyone in Welsh, it’s like I hide behind the language.


Well, it’s about 14 at the moment. And thank you btw. :blush:


Well its still impressive!

I’m afraid this afternoon i have regressed like a schoolboy with a dictionary.

Using memrise i came across “crombil”. I’m afraid i of course came up with, “Dwi angen mynd i’r tŷ bach. Mae fy grombil yn llawn.”

Its sad but true that i am still amused by toilet phrases!


It fits, not with your actual age, but with your naughty little draig ifanc!