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School reading books in Welsh


My nearly 7 year old daughter is finding her school reading books a little uninspiring. So I was wondering how others have approached this challenge and other suggestions for happy reading? Suggestions for alternative books too would be good. Would mynediad books work in sense of level but then would it struggle in sense of age appropriate? Thanks in advance.


Which ones has she not liked so far? That might give us an idea of what to steer away from… :slight_smile:


Her joyful school books are currently the cam7 cad, dids a mwlsyn series otherwise I’m open to all suggestions


How far has she got? Have they found the magic key yet? The stories get a bit more entertaining after that.
How’s her reading? Is she coping OK with the books she’s being given? Could she cope with jumping ahead a bit?


They have found the key, her books she’s had since July are about losing the key, the jungle and the hole in the dolls house roof if you remember them. I don’t think she is especially struggling but given the struggle to get her to read it’s hard to tell. She sang me 8 pages the other day and I let her because at least she was reading them.


Today she came home with two books from the school library so hopefully all will now be well. Now the fun of finding and enjoying age appropriate library books :grinning: She has Sogi and Rapsgaliwn to start with. Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions


Sogi is a thing of joy (and much better in Welsh than English, if you ask me) - I still rather resent my kids for having grown out of him… :wink:


I think it is a lovely book too. Have you seen Sogi and the flying medics? I don’t think it matters they are meant to be a kids book :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s. MORE?? Sogi??!

[rushes to Amazon]