Sgwrs 16 - Spoiler Alert! (Advanced Content)


This time I hadn’t seen any hints from Beca about it and I have never heard of Nici Beech before, so I had no expectations. But they just happened to be all topics I’m quite familiar with, and I’ve just come back from Wales, where I listened to a lot of Welsh being spoken so it seemed incredibly easy compared to previous ones!

I caught all the topics at first listen, including quite a few details - except the part about working for the TV, that I hadn’t noticed.

Funny thing: well, I keep on finding written Welsh really odd and complicated and my reading skills have not improved at all in the past week. So when I read the transcript I actually understood…LESS than in my first listen! That was quite weird.

When I finished, I hadn’t found anything I didn’t already know (except for the spelling of a few names) and I also thought: “Uhmm…there must be some missing parts here, ‘cause there was nothing about bands and music (and a few other details), that I’m sure they mentioned”.

When I read the translation and compared it to the transcript, I found them - I just hadn’t recognized the sounds in their written version at first!

Anyway, it’s almost time for Sgwrs 17 so all about 16, and really curious to see if it’s still smooth or the good influence of Wales is already starting to dissolve a bit…


Sgwrs 17 is up, guys :blush:


Hi Beca,
Not sure what I am doing wrong but cant find a link for 17


Before Beca starts worrying about having uploaded Sgwrs 17 wrong, I can testify it’s available on the Advanced content page, and I downloaded it alright! :smile:
(if it’s the app, I always need to logout or close and reopen - can’t remember which one now - in order to see it).


Oh my lordy lord, I’m at a gig and on my 6th gin - I wouldn’t trust myself to do anything to help at the moment! @gisella-albertini - thanks for your help! :crazy_face: (that’s my drunk face!)


Have fun, I forgot where it was last time :joy:


Thank you. Probably a bit too much wine tonight! :joy:. Diolch yn fawr!


Way to go! :rofl:


Please don’t expect to feel that everything gets better every week - you’ll just end up feeling you’re not doing well when actually you are… :slight_smile: