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Sgwrs 26 (Advanced Content) - Spoilerssss!


Well, here’s a bit of a treat for you - it’s SSiW’s very own @siaronjames this week! A south Walian who lives up north now as you may know, so hard to pin down the accent! And who knew Siaron used to row for Wales! Such luminaries in our midst! Enjoy!


I’m stealing myself to listen to it - I hate my own voice in recordings! :joy::joy:


Wow a SSiW resident star! :wink:

p.s. everybody hates their own recorded voice, except maybe great singers! :smiley:


just noticed I’m number 26 - my lucky number, believe it or not!

Not lucky enough to prevent a load of grammatical mistakes, but see folks it just goes to show how mis-gendering, mis-mutating, mis-conjugating, etc, should never get in the way of a conversation! :flushed::joy:


@siaronjames. What??? :smiley: You kept that quiet last night. I can’t wait to listen. Fair play to you. Even Glenda (my wife) is really looking forward to reading the transcripts.


hehehe. well as a some-time percussionist, I try not to blow trumpets! :wink:

…besides which, it may have been so bad that Beca might have changed her mind! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Arrr what a lovely Sgwrs - I really enjoyed that!

One of my favourites :slight_smile: :+1:



Just what I was going to say, @siaronjames ! Talking to us last night and not so much as a hint! :angry::sweat_smile:

Lovely scwrs and great to have a familiar voice to follow along with. LLongyfarchiadau!


That was most enjoyable. One of the best. I loved the bit where you mentioned rowing because I thought “Yes! Siaron talked about that on Show and Tell.”


First thing I have to say is that even in the parts when I didn’t understand what you were talking about, all the laughters and @siaronjames lively way of telling things…made listening more fun!

As a forumist and occasional Slack -groups participant I had a previous knowledge of a few topics so an advantage on understanding those. :grin:

Then a few music-related names were familiar and so is the parts about language learning of which I can usually understand quite a bit.

As for language style and accent, some parts are very clear: could be the choice of words, and throwing in a few English expressions in the flow does always help me a lot understanding - I guess she got used to dealing with confused learners like me in chat groups? :rofl:

Talking about difficulties, in the South East in particular, I met very fluent speakers - second language learners and out of Welsh-medium education alike - who pronounce a few words in a way that in my mind are linked a bit more to English than Welsh (or at least Datblyguian Welsh that’s in my ears especially).
So I noticed I tend to be confused by those as much as by some really odd Gog accents. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And from time to time, when they all seem to enjoy themselves a lot, Siaron speaks almost as fast as Beca, or is it my impression? :wink:


I found this to be one of the clearest so far. Yes, Siaron did speed up slightly once she felt comfortable with Beca, especially talking about their work together, but thats only natural.

Also, the conversation reminded us of Siaron’s dedication to the language, to SSiW and to us SSiWers. Its easy to underestimate the influence that Siaron is having on our development.

So, yes, give Siaron’s Friday Hangout a go. You won’t look back.


Aw, thank you all for your kind remarks so far :blush:

I do try to remember to speak a bit slower in the hangouts… honest!