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Sgwrs 33 (Advanced Content) Spoileriaid!


Hi all! It’s me reading my column! I’ve gone nice and slooooow…! (No jet boots for me this time!)


Hi Becca I’ve just had a go at downloading the transcript but the Welsh seems to be missing I thought I’d let you know. Thanks so much for these they are appreciated.


You’re right! I’ve downloaded the English twice! Will sort it now, and thanks for letting me know :blush:


Should be there now


I haven’t listened to it yet, just downloaded it now. But just thinking…what about recording and uploading one more version, at regular Beca speed?
It probably takes just…two minutes, doesn’t it? :wink:

It would be interesting to test the difference in understanding or practice both or even just having the chance to choose if one’s more advanced, maybe?

(Anyway just an idea that popped up in my mind when you mentioned the jet boots, I’m going to start with this and I’m sure it will be fine anyway!)


Well, this was interesting because apart from the intro talking about SSIW which lulled me into a false sense of security :smile: I found this quite hard. :grimacing:

I think it is because the written word represents ‘consolidated thought’ ie there is no padding or duplication - or pauses for thought - things tend to be put more concisely or are developed in a way to provoke thought too, dont they.

So, for me, I had to work through the transcript - after which it was fine - but that represents where a was on the normal Sgwrs quite some time ago…

…so reflecting that this is a little harder - which I guess is the intention?

Thank you once again.

Rich :slight_smile:


( Ooh, I forgot to say, whilst it doesn’t effect it, there are a couple of portions of what you say which are repeated - a bit of an editing glitch? )

Rich :slight_smile:


Oh grrrr, how annoying, that’s the first time I’ve edited chunks of something and thought it was ok! Oh well, better to have things twice than missing! I’ll do a re-edit - good practice!! :grimacing:
Yes I’m not surprised you found it harder - it’s the written word, as you say. Don’t worry - it was a one off. I’ll be writing a weekly drama/story soon, and it will be in a far less formal style. (And I might even do accents, to give you a giggle…!)


When you say accents?..I’m thinking Murder on the Cardiff Express - with a French or Belgian detective? I’m sure you had something similar in mind…no doubt :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Actually all listening exercises are good. In fact I can practically hear Aran saying in my head that the ones I can understand easily aren’t helping me that much and it’s the ones that are difficult that are helping the most. :smile:



Murder on the A470 maybe! (The horrendously winding road that links north and south Wales!)


Yes, that’s the thing. The Sgyrsiau will still be a mix of harder and easier, so you’re not getting let off!


I’msureIcoulddothat! (That’s me at Beca speed…!)


Actually an accent tour down the A470 would be really cool. I heard a Saesneg version of a tran journey from Aberdeen to Plymouth (I think), so a Cymraeg version should be fun.