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Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)


What a great idea!
Claire Moore here x


Diolch Aran :+1:t3::smile:


I love your company- singlehandedly bring Welsh to the masses! Diolch!
Ian Osullivan


Great idea, I shall go and pester a few people!


Neil Scourfield


Let us know in here the name you’ll be asking them to put in the ‘heard about it from’ field… :slight_smile:


And congratulations to Maria and Cai, our first referrers, currently in the lead for the ‘race to the Manic Street Preachers’ tickets… :star: :star2:


My name is Jamie Evans!

I’ve got a work colleague I’ve been trying to coax to join SSIW for a while now… time to up my game.


Www, and Alex and John joining them on the leaderboard - the race for the Manics is hotting up… :star: :star2:


Take pity on me, just one kind person - I don’t use social media, so no chance of big prizes, but I could just aim at a CD…

Bronwen Lewis

Edit: Save your pity for someone more deserving of it now, and choose someone else, please!


Cool prices! Count me in: Anna Reindlova.

Although I don’t have many friends locally (and everyrone around is a native welsh speaker anyway), I will try at least on social media.

Dee gets the Penderyn!: the Great SSiW Giveaway Leaderboard

And onto the leaderboard already! :star2:

Face-to-face word of mouth is often much more powerful - just tell people what’s going on, and you might surprise yourself (and find people we’d never have reached through Facebook)… :slight_smile:


Linda Jones here. Diolch Aran.
I also don’t use social media but I’ve been sneakily engaging my daughter by asking her to listen to my sentences etc so will up the 'encouragement ’ a bit!


Here’s to hoping we hit the warp speed/hyper-space/proton pill button!
Sean-O or Sean Ui Niall
With Twitter and Twt tags: @Y_Crwydryn & @Crwydro


Joanne Taylor, crazy cat lady here :cat:
I’ve been learning Welsh for almost 3 months, and this course is helping me achieve things I never thought possible! :blush:


I LOVE SSIW - count me in! Libby D


Rhiannon Elward, I have been recommending SSiW to everyone I know who wants to be a Welsh speaker. Will be keeping it up!


Thank you all so much - great to have you aboard - and it’s really fantastic to have found even a temporary way to give back to all you wonderful people who spread the word… :slight_smile: :heart:


I believe you’ve cracked that one Bronwen - onwards and upwards! :wink:


Well, a big thank-you to whoever put my name down, but I think I’ll withdraw from the race now. There’s a very small risk that I might get 10 sign-ups and die of fright…