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Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)


This is great.
Brilliant to see you on here @gkfbux ! Great stuff.

Also, Im feeling a partial fraud for getting on the board on the strength of just answering a forum query to a different forum member, but happy to be a part of it.


This is great! I’ve been wanting to sign up with my friend for a while- can’t wait to get learning!


What a great promotion! I’m currently doing my best to get some fellow USAmericans to sign up, we’ll see if anyone is brave or curious enough :smile:
The name will be Shaun McGovern!


Awesome sauce, Shaun! We’d love to go even more widely in America, but it’s tricky as can be for plain old advertising…

You could always give it to someone else…:wink:


Will put my name here but apart from prizes which can be sent, I even now give all the rest to those who the most need them.

Tatjana Prelog


A joyous surprise to spot my name on the leader board :face_with_monocle:

great to see your name too @JohnYoung. You do alot for us fellow learners :+1:


My son in law has already started learning Welsh with SSIW because he runs a Welsh company and he felt he ought to be able to use some Welsh in the business. One of the chaps from the Welsh in Business organisation was singing the praises of SSIW to him (as well as me, of course!) I’m pretty sure he’ll sign up for the 6 minute a day and the 6 month Welsh speaker course. Doubt very much that I’ll get anyone else on board, but am just happy for him to get the access!


Robert Morgan here. Would be nice to win a prize.


Emma Powell - be fab to win something


Shared, if there are any takers I’ll be tagged as Caz Harris.
What a great deal this is…hope there are loads of takers esp off mine lol


The more you tell the more there WILL be… :slight_smile: :star: :star:


What a great idea :smile:


Kate Mitchell - I have one friend I know is planning to sign up!


Theresa Corbett hoping lots of people start learning. I may also be known as @t68teen on twitter.


Dai Towler - for the win / am yr ennill!


Dw i’n trio :slight_smile:


I already told someone about the offer, I don’t mind whether she uses my name - which is Fiona Dix - to sign up with, or someone else’s! I’m always telling someone or other how much I love the 6 mins a day course - and especially the hangouts.


Aled Powys Williams


Mark Hinton


Tracy Morton has signed up…Have fun Tracy :slight_smile: