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Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)


greeneyes, aka Keren Goodblatt

Funny timing, I’ve actually been doing a lot of evangelising for SSIW over the last couple weeks (anytime the topic of language speaking or study comes up, it’s just been coming up a lot lately). Mostly it’s people who are interested in learning other languages, or polishing up their Spanish, etc, so I don’t know if it will generate any referrals for the Welsh course, but I definitely have been preaching! Because SSIW means so much to me and I am so passionate about it.

I hope you get a ton of signups! <3


Thanks! I’ve shared with all my work colleagues


Rob Parkin. Signing up and hoping for at least 1 referral to get me started on what seems a formidable task!


Marianne Williams. Currently doing the 6 month course - definitely recommend it!


Naomi Vallejo
Have shared the FB offer but not sure many French people want to sign up lol :grinning::fr::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿:joy:


Cassy Taylor here - I will try to get some new recruits for you :smile:


Hana Hannah on Facebook :slight_smile:


I’d hate someone to miss out on the free upgrade to the 6 Month course because they put my name and I’m not here in the list so … Dee :slight_smile:


Jenny Penny (FB) has signed up using my name - pob lwc Jenny


What?! :smiley: Go Caz. I hope you’re into Penderyn Whisky.


Rich Bowering - back from a few days away :slight_smile:

The day I started Say Something In Welsh was the first day of the rest of my life. :wink:


Bob Phoenix. In the “Bro fewnol tu mewn y Fro” (inner Welsh-speaking heartland inside the Heartland area). I should now be extending this very generous offer to ANY of the 12% of people round here who still don’t speak Welsh. There might not be quite as many non-Welsh speakers round here as in some areas, but those that remain should have good motivation to consider joining the 88% who already do.

This lovely offer lets people hedge their bets. “I don’t know if I can do it in 6 months” - So, just commit to 6 minutes a day, that’s not hard. “But I want to learn faster than 6 minutes a day” - Well, now you can, in as little as six months, and, for a limited time only, you get this extra option for no extra charge :slight_smile:


Eben Muse; ar facebook!


Louise Tester


Rachel Brydon :slight_smile:
Sharing on fb and hoping you get loads of sign ups as a result!


Amanda farrer

Hope you get lots of sign ups!


Sam Butterworth
Pob lwc :slight_smile:


Hello. I’ve just been lured into signing up after seeing this offer. Thanks Richard Buck/tortipede, who I named on sign-up. If any fellow newbies fancy naming me, I’m Paula Clarke Bain (PC_Bain on Twitter). Can’t wait to get started. Hwre!


Croeso! And getting busy already we can see. Pob lwc!


Richard Huw Morgan ar Facebook, neu x