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Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)


Laura Morgan - Laujmorgan dw i!!


Ah, see here you’re assuming I’ll actually get round to it. Lordy Aran, next you’ll be suggesting I make the half hour journey to my nearest Welsh meet up and have conversations with new people!


Superb idea… :wink:


If you want to sign up to and get the free bonus £240 course(!) and you’re looking for a name/pseudonym that’s particularly difficult to spell to put down in the referral box (Cymdraegwn) :yum:


I’m sure the Welsh speakers of Wrecsam are all sweeties, but there will be a whole roomful of them and this is not going to happen!!


Sue Davis. Delighted to have found this Revolutionary and effective way of language learning. From an ex languages teacher who got bored with “normal” language courses that dragged on for ever, and that went about it the wrong, ineffective way… Am telling all and sundry!


Julia Ault here doing the 6 month cwrs


Yes we are and yes there will be but there’s room for more. There’s always room for more. If it’s sitting with a group that’s worrying you I could arrange a one on one chat by the bar for a while to settle the nerves. Really, you wouldn’t regret it.


Great offer, I’ve been using ssiw on & off for a few years & just need an incentive to get back into again. Thank you.
Sandra Harries


Sorry Cai if you missed the wine I picked you any way


Alexis Chadbourn
I found this through the facebook ad :slight_smile:


Sounds like a fantastic opportunity Gareth Harris


Louise Evans
Fab idea. Not sure how you’re making any money with all of your brilliant deals and generous nature. Fantastic way of learning. I’m more confident using Welsh now, than I was after a couple of years of traditional classroom methods (tum t tum years ago)


Don’t worry, I’m getting the wine even if I go over :smile: I just wanted to give others a better chance to get picked randomly since I got what I wanted :slight_smile:




Jill Shepherd

I’ve struggled with speaking Welsh, although I have learnt to read it slowly, due to hearing problems. Short suits me best! This is a fantastic idea and I’m happy to share along too.


Ieuan Hughes




Syniad da :heart_eyes:, Neville Eden


Helen Sharma :):blush: