Shwmaeathon 15/10/18 - who and when?


Thanks for the heads-up on the Slackbot limit thing. And a great idea Huw to ask people to like your post to indicate that they are interested.

I need to get a handle on who is going to be speaking to me when - just to make sure that I can start and finish with people there, so NZ /Aus at 3 in the morning on Monday, and USA / Canada / Hawaii etc in the run up to 3 on Tuesday morning.

I’ve started a new thread in “meet-ups” to ask about people and places here: Shwmaeathon - who and when?



I presume if I don’t express my interest but just grab the link from the Slack and put it into the browser separately it would work just fine. So I could click like to your post but I’ll just infiltrate myself in through the hangouts directly if I may … :slight_smile:


“Seasonally adjusted”, surely?


You mean the original post or yours?
(Just in case, I like both!)

I had tried to say I’m interested too but for Slack it was sold out! :smiley:


Yes, the idea is to use Huw’s post to get an approximate count of the number of people who will drop in and say Shwmae on that day, since the automatic system at Slack will only let 20 people “register” for talking on a specific time/day/something like that.


@tatjana and @gisella-albertini
This “like click” exercise is purely intended to respond to Iestyn’s wish to get a better idea of numbers, since Slack indicates only 17 participants. This “limit” has been explained by others here and on Slack but the advice seems to be that the stated Slack limit is not a real one, so feel free to join or not as you wish,

If you think you might join the Shwmaethon, Tatjana, please go ahead and “Like” the post. It would not, of course, commit you, but I hope personally that if you do join, I may be in the hangout at the same time. :smile:


I’m terrible at remembering stuff at times but I’m about during the day when slack tends to be quiet, so I’ll try and join in a lull. Oh I’m running on Pembrokeshire time!


Will try in the afternoon, Wales’ time.


I’m 5 hours behind BST. I expect I’ll be available sometime in the 11pm to 3am range your time. I’ll try to say shwmae when you’re not busy-I’ll try to keep a lookout.


I’ve put my big :heart: to the suggested post! :slight_smile:


I’d be glad to catch with you eventually on hangout. :slight_smile:

So, @Iestyn the crowds are gathering and I’m happy for that. :slight_smile: Let’s make it big!


By sheer luck of coincidence I have the day off on the 15th, so I am rather flexible. I’m planning to be online after sleeping in and breakfast, so you can expect me to show up at around 10yb (Central European Time), filling blanks that need filling and scooching over if the place gets too crowded.


Excellent - diolch bawb!

Keep them coming, expecially NZ / Aus types early doors (so the afternoon / evening of the 15th in Aus / NZ / Japan), and the West (US, Canada, South America) for the later slots.

Diolch again!


Having just moved to Llanrug in the heart of the Gogs, I should be around much of the day on the 15th. I will look for any “quieter” patches in the timescape and potentially offer an extended “S’mae” from the rugged lands situated between Gartre Iestyn and the North Pole :slight_smile: S’mae, or as people round here seem to say a lot, “Iawn:slight_smile:


By my calculations it should be 10am for me here in Perth, Western Australia, when you start up at 3am, so I’ll try to be one of the first to pop in!


I’m in North Wales, so on BST. I go to a Welsh class from 9 - 11 a.m., but will try to look in first thing in the morning before I go, say around 8 a.m. This will literally be a su’mae/hwyl! as I will only have a few minutes free. However, I am then at home for the rest of the day, so I’ll keep an eye on the hangout and if things are quiet, I’ll pop in again for a longer chat.


Hi Iestyn. Probably around 20:30 or any time up to about 23:00 when there’s space for me also. Thanks John.


Tell you what, Dee - it would be brilliant if you could kick things off from Australia at 3 - knowing you were there would be great for me, and will allow others to hang around in the background for a short while plucking up the courage, or just barge in willy nilly, and show everyone how it;s done!

I’m feeling like a bwtcamper I think. I hope this is going to be an absolutely awesome adventure next Monday, but I have a vague uneasy dread-of-he-unknown as well. Not terrified, but excited in an “oh my word, I hope this works” kind of way.


Yes, I’m happy to do that, and I could probably wrap it up at the other end by doing 2:45 (9:45) in Perth on the Thursday as well to make sure you’re still awake :slight_smile:


It looks as though you’re a bit short on people in the early hours. I’m happy to be available sometime between 3-6 on the Monday if that helps, or do sometime between 12 and 3 on the Tuesday morning (I’m not sure I’ll have the energy for both!) If there’s a particular time you need people, please shout and I’ll commit to a set time.

Just a thought - is there anywhere you can set up a timetable, so you can see at a glance if there are gaps, and people can also see the best time to put their names down? I don’t know much about Slack - does it have any scheduling tools?


I’m in Ynys Wyth and, like several others on here, I’m pretty flexible as to when I can join in, any time from c.2pm to midnight or even 1am if necessary. So like others I will just look in at various points to find a quiet time. However, if you find these offers a little TOO flexible and would prefer some of us to just pick a time, please shout. This is a fantastic effort on your part @Iestyn, but in the nature of the case it’s a little difficult to plan.