Shwmaeathon 15/10/18 - who and when?


I could join in the morning for a bit, around 4-5am BST.


I’m out and about on Monday during the day, but since I am a night owl, sometime between 12-2 on Tuesday morning will suit me - if I’ve taken my contact lens out by then, I might be pretty close to the screen!


FAO @Iestyn
Updated at 16:37 YM time; 9th Oct
Here are the results of my click survey and this thread augmented by a guesstimate based on the 17 people who were “allowed” to express interest on WSP/Slack.
The following are the forum names of the 25 people who clicked my survey by 9th October:
brigitte, siaronjames, Hendrik, AlanP, JohnYoung, Cyprain, Tricia, AnnaC, Sionned, Novem, Betterlatethan, KateM, margarethall, vikta, delawarejones, gisella-albertini, AnneEvans, tatjana, mikewilliams-1, Bob, dee, BronwenLewis, Kshreeve, jo-hornagold1, Isata, billspawton, philipmcmanamon

To this add tygerc, helenlindsay, HuwJones (me), who expressed an interest here but did not click my survey.

That comes to 30 as of today
I estimate that 1/4 to 1/3 of the 17 slack respondents may not be SSiW members so, taking this into account, my best guesstimate is that there will be 37 to 42 participants.

With the help of Cambridge Analytica, I can also inform you that 8 people will have blue eyes and 17 will prefer cats to dogs. :laughing:

I have no knowlege about how YouTube may affect numbers of participants.


One of participants will have one brown-greenish and one Grey-greenish eye among which one is way smaller than another. :slight_smile:


If we can and there aren’t too many people already ‘hanging out’ with you, we’re going to try and join you from Clwb Clecs next Monday evening @Iestyn.


0300 GMT That’s noon for me - Brisbane, Australia.


I think I would go crazy, trying to understand who’s popping up - at what time at the Shwmaethon, @Iestyn
(by the way, I should use “sen i’n ti” in this case, right? “if” is a bit confusing…).

I was wondering, would it make any sense (or be any useful) to create like 12x2-hour events on Slack or 6x4 or whatever, instead of just one so that everybody would be able to click “I’m interested” in the correct slot of time?

Survey coordinator @HuwJones, what do you think? :smiley:


What about using Doodle?


As I explained in my post above I have no role in organising or coordinationg the Shwmaethon event. I have only been responding to Iestyn’s earlier need to get a better idea of numbers.

Unfortunately, therefore, I’m unable to offer an opinion on your interesting suggestions. I’m sure, however, that other people here will be much better qualified. In fact I see that Tygerc has already suggested something called “Doodle”.


Well, my quoting you as a coordinator was only meant to joke about your trying to make clear you’re not part of the organization, in previous posts. :grin: (but in written communication it’s often complicated to understand when someone’s serious or not - sorry!)

Doodle seems a very good idea, by the way.


Sorry I didn’t get your joke. I just responded because you tagged me.


These are great suggestions. I’m not sure that I have time to research the different channels and softwares that I could use to coordinate this, although Cat is going to look at some doodle software and stuff later. Does anyone have any experience at setting this kind of thing up? I would want a calendar of hourly slots with people saying when they are available, so if there are 10 people in one hour slot and 1 in another, people can see where they are needed!

There are a couple of slots that I would definitely like to fill, as well. I have Post Cyntaf talking to me at 08.15 ish, so it would be great if I had one or two people online when they come. they are talking to me, and Cat will be at the computer while I talk to them, but it would be great if there is a conversation going on in the background, and someone to say “shwmae” to me when I come back.

The Sian Cothi is going to phone me at 11.40, and Heno will be with me at about the same time. Sian Cothi will be the same requirement as Post Cyntaf really - Cat will be talking to a couple of people while I chat to the radio. But then, Heno would like a couple of people to be physically there - I think 5 or 6 would be good. I’m trying to drum up a volunteer or two from the locality,

And the other thing that people could do is just Facebook and tweet and talk about this mad idiot sitting around for 24 hours in the hope of having some conversations. If you know some Welsh speakers - get them to talk to me! Chat to any of your SSiW contacts and get them to come online. And of course, all turn up online yourselves!

I’m looking forward to speaking with you all!



If it’s any help, I can definitely do that 8.15 a.m. slot and also the 11.40 one. That will be online, of course, I can’t make it in person. :smile:

I mentioned the Shwmaeathon yesterday at our regular Wednesday morning chat and I’ll remind people next Monday morning at the Welsh class. At the moment I have no clue as to how popular this will be, but if I can I’ll get some of my local friends to join in. It will be a good way to introduce them to hangouts.


Brilliant! Diolch @margarethall!

And further to my rather pathetic “I don;t know if I can work out the technology” post, I asked a young person, to set up a Doodle for us. Diolch Cat!

Could you indicate on the doodle poll when you are likely to be speaking to me? Then I’ll know when I can get some sneaky shut-eye on the day!



I have put my name on Doodle for 8-9am, and I would be happy to chat in the background to @margarethall - or at least attempt to do so.


I’ve added my name to the Doodle. I can’t actually do the full hour when I’ve indicated, it’ll be more like 8.00 - 8.40 a.m. and 11.20 - 12.00 p.m., but I should be able to be chatting in the background at the crucial times. I’m around all afternoon, so can drop in and out as numbers dictate from 1.00 - 5.00 p.m.


Dw i newydd Dwdlo. :smile:


Really cool idea Iestyn and an incentive for me to finally get connected with others on Slack. Looking forward to my first Welsh conversation with a human (as limited as it might be). I will drop in about 4am Monday (Sunday early evening on the west coast of the US).



Brilliant. I’m looking forward to it!


The only time I’m going to be around that day would be the 7-8am slot, which still looks empty at the mo. Not sure I could commit to an hour’s intense conversation, but we could always share the chaos of family breakfast if that would be acceptable…