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Siarad SHOTTON restarts june


7 -9 at Groves social club bridge St shotton. 1st and 3rd Thursday … restarting June. Contact Richard pooley if need to know more.

Post-Pandemic Meetups

@beca-brown ar gyfer y cylchlythyr - for the newsletter:
The Groves Community Social Club, 29 Bridge St, Shotton, Connah’s Quay, Deeside CH5 1DU


Hi. This meetup was listed on Dysgu Cymraeg North East’s publicity so after checking with them I went to the Groves last week.

There was no learner’s group, just bingo in one room and people playing pool in another. I spoke to the bingo people and the people behind the bar and none could recall a welsh learners group meeting there recently.


Helo Jeanette, Sorry to disappoint you. We stopped meeting with lockdown and did zoom till my mum 102, joined us…last March. I am dead keen to re-launch SS and went to the groves this evening to get their ok. They are very happy to have us back. Great. So start date is 16 June. Then every first and 3rd Thurs at 7 for 2 hours. .,… It was your message through Nia at learncymraeg,…Cambria that prompted me to re-start. Thanks.


Hope to attend in June - crossing the boarder from Caer.


Great. If you just turn up that is fine but if you want to share something that is fine too… Poem, local history.,…, anything really.
Hwyl rich p


Love to join :heart:


And the weather is looking very promising. See you there.


Hello Catherine, I’ve just realißd you are referring to SS and not tomorrow’s cylchdaith… Anyway you are welcome to whatever we are doing in sunny Shotton


As Siarad Shotton we have started organising friday walks. Not every friday but as often as possible. we meet at The Groves car park, Bridge St Shotton, which is outside where we hold SS meetings. Meet at 2pm and complete a circular walk in an hour or so. It’s a bit of an experiment and there arn’t many of us but it is working well. Dogs welcome. Dates and details appear on Facebook page, Siarad Shotton.


@beca-brown ar gyfer y cylchlythyr - for the newsletter :slight_smile:


Canu shotton
Following on from siarad Shotton (restarts 16 June) and cylchdaith shotton (occasional Fridays) we are staring Canu Shotton on June 30 at Ty Calon queensferry for a sing song at 7pm. then monthly in Sept …last Thurs of month. Not 4 part harmony, bi-lingual and bring an instrument or voice or both. Singing popular Welsh stuff… calon lan, children’s songs, national anthem, yma o hyd… Etc. There is so many. Any level of Welsh and don’t need to read music… Though if you do that is a big help. My male voice choir has folded, sadly, but this us singing Welsh songs for fun in our own town. We’ll be doing Xmas specials etc, but I hope you can help get it started. I have a problem with my voice at the moment so it is time to dust off my fiddle.
Rich p


Canu Shotton got off to a great start thursday evening at Ty Calon, Queensferry. No need for me to play my fiddle as we had 2 guitars and a piano playing with us. 9 of us and right keen to carry on in the autumn. last thusday of the mis from sept 29. details on facebook Siarad Shotton. 2 non-welsh speakers, 2 starting their journey, 1 with welsh as his mother-tongue and 4 who have learned welsh. perfect evening for anyone at any level who wants to meet and sing welsh songs.
rich p


for our 2 meetings in August we are inviting learners at ANY LEVEL to come and have a taste of what happens at Siarad Shotton, and maybe give the opportunity to taste what lies ahead. These will be our last meetings in The Groves as we will be crossing the border by a few yards to Queensferry in September. Ty Calon. hwyl Rich P