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Singing Something in Welsh


Hi Everyone,

I’ve just started level 2 (6 minutes a day) and have found myself constantly humming Coffi Du. So, duly inspired, I decided to make my own little tribute to that great ear worm.

Apologies, of course, for the inadequacies in my use of Welsh, but I thought I’d share my reflections, in song, of my learning so far :blush:


Bendigedig! :star2::star2::star2:


Diolch, @siaronjames :grinning:


Bydd croeso cynnes iawn yn aros amdanat ti yn Llanelli!! :kissing_heart:


Hehe, dw i’n hoffi e :smiley: Ti’n dalentog iawn!


Rili gwych! Thank you for recording & sharing!


Caru, caru, caru!!! Thanks for sharing, this is absolutely fabulous!

Anyone else want to share a little ditty with us? Go on, you know you want to! :wink:


Awww diolch yn fawr iawn, Ali :slightly_smiling_face:


iwcalili yn barod :slightly_smiling_face:


Wonderful - but are you quite sure about Llanelli?


Hollol wych :star: :star2:


Well, hand on heart, it was my best bet for a rhyme with troelli :smile:



Da iawn chi am hynny. Yn fy marn i rhaid i’th gan mynd yn syth i ben y siartiau gerddoriaeth ar unwaith. Dioch!


BRONWEN LEWIS … how dare you!!!




Diolch, @michaelsnow! :blush:


I did not get the Llanelli reference… Should I listen again…?


Troelli - to spin, to twist, to wind…

I’m not sure I’m catching all the meaning…


Is Bronwen claiming Liz for another part of Wales, or the Welsh speaking world, in a capacity as agent/talent scout, or is she just being dismissive of Llanelli? Is Llanelli iwcalili-intolerant?