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Singing Something in Welsh


Wow! That’s great, nice voice too! I’m on level 2 challenge 9 and cannot do anything like that, I didn’t understand loads of words you used…but it was inspiring and I will continue with more effort! Thanks !!!


You’re not missing any meaning, I don’t think, @lornarhodes :blush: The song is just some fairly random thoughts about my learning journey. Because I’m very much a beginner, it was an interesting exercise in trying to balance rhyme with some sort of meaning.

Here is what (I think) the song says … apologies if it is actually an unforgivable series of insults :blush:

I need to think in the morning

What I want to say

The sentences are hard

Because I’m English


How to say

How to say

What I want to say

What are you doing

What are you doing

What are you doing to me

My head is in a spin

Because I’m learning Welsh

I want to live in Llanelli

But I’m English


The challenges are really difficult

They mess with my head

The chipmunks are quite funny

Now I’m tired


It’s not quite the same in English :laughing:

As for Lanelli being iwcalili intolerant - surely not!


I may have taken to my indispensable Welsh/English dictionary on occasion, @mary-10 :blush:


Are you sure you really want to hear me sing? Your ears might bleed. :laughing: