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Six months speaker course week 10 partner needed


So here we are rolling through challenges 18 and 19. My dyslexic brain loving the auditory learning and remember words from a week ago that I’d just heard once. I love the challenges but there’s a problem. I’m doing my listening practice every other day at best and my sentences? Well I wrote them down. I recorded them. Even published them so I wasn’t lying when I said yes to those emails. But they’re not in my head every day. There is Welsh in my head. But not those sentences. The listening exercises just wash over me. I can’t listen for six straight minutes and focus. And I’m not having any practice conversations. I’m still recuperating from surgery on my arm so home 98 percent of the time and my wife doesn’t speak and doesn’t really want to either. I’ve also become shy about the practice sessions stupidly. So I’m a bit of a secret learner. Now I’m going back to work finally in the next couple of weeks and will have opportunities to practice though I’ll be shy for sure. And this week I’m under orders to find a Welsh speaker and start practicing on them. Any takers? As well as I’m doing with the challenges I know I’m not getting the full package. Dw i’n moyn rhywun i helpu fi!


Hello Paul, I am happy to practice Welsh with you. I work full time and I work shifts but I’m sure I can fit you in around all that entails.
Are you on either of the slack channels, 6/6 or WSP? I am on both so either is fine and we can sort something out.
Have you joined in any of Nia’s hangouts? They are very non-threatening and lots of fun. Don’t be afraid, really, we have all been there. No one will judge you. This is a very supportive ‘family.’


Great I’m around this afternoon or this evening if you can.