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Yay! Go Monmouthshire! :1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal:



That’s where all the brains come from :star: @siaronjames


I’m sorry, but I have to set the record straight, I’m from North Wales near Ruthin, not Abergavenny.


Wps! Sorry @gareth-19 why did i think Abergavenny ?? :thinking:



Oh well - still, two East(ish) Wales brains then! I did wonder why someone from Abergavenny would be a Wrexham supporter! :smiley:


Every week on Welsh Speaking Practice…


Next Monday we have the one and only Dai Ashurst, or Dai Scaffalde as he’s called in Pobl y Cwm joining us on the Welsh Speaking Practice. It would be great if you could join Marcus on the Soap/TV hangout on Monday 6th of July at 7:30 pm, 19:30 GMT.

Emyr Wyn is a well know personality in Wales. As well as being an actor in Pobl y Cwm for a long time he’s also one of the main singers in the group ‘Mynediad am Ddim’.


This afternoon…


This Friday we have our first Noson Nostalgia Night with singer/songwriter and TV director Cleif Harpwood.
He’s the singer with H a’r Band who were known as Edward H Dafis in the 70s.
He also played the part of Osian in the first welsh musical ‘Nia Ben Aur’ in 1974.
Come and enjoy a lovely evening in his company this Friday at 7:30 pm. We also have a facebook event. WSP is working alongside Canolfan Soar Merthyr in bringing this to you…


Noson Lawen, this Friday, everybody welcome…


On Friday 24th of July we’ll be launching our gardening online competitions with Adam Jones in a zoom gardening session. Why not come along all you gardening enthusiasts!2FABBBBA-07A5-43B3-B921-2CB2278E04BB

Adam has his own YouTube channel Adam yn yr ardd, you can also follow him on @adamynyrardd on instagram and twitter

Adam yn yr Ardd on YouTube -

Adam yn yr Ardd on Facebook -

Adam yn yr Ardd on Twitter -


:star::star::star: Here’s the link to join a very special Noson Lawen tonight on Welsh Speaking Practice :star::star::star:



More details in #garddio on Welsh Speaking Practice

The judges this year will be Meinir Gwilym from Garddio a Mwy, S4C and Adam Jones, Adam yn yr ardd.


Welcome to another magical concert this time with the young harpist Cerys Hafana, described by Cerys Matthews as truly brilliant and Y Dafalaniaid who have performed once in the Noson Lawen.
Everybody welcome, we appreciate a contribution made after the concert. Mwynhewch!
To listen to Y Dafalaniaid: ](

To hear Cerys’s hypnotic music visit


For all keen gardeners :cucumber::tomato::grapes::broccoli::corn::leafy_green::apple::bouquet::tulip::tanabata_tree:


Our fifth monthly Noson Lawen will be held on Friday, 14th of August.
If you’ve never been to one before it’s a variety performance evening, if you would like to take part please let me know. You don’t have to participate…just sit back and enjoy the evening.

Noson Lawen

Come and join us in singing some of Wales’ best known hymns. The words will be on the screen to sing along to them :smile:


:camera_flash::star: A message for keen photographers :star: :camera_flash:

From @carin-harris
Being a keen photographer, I’m wondering who would fancy taking part in a photography group and hangout say once a fortnight or once a month?
Would be good to share an image and chat (Cymraeg wrth gwrs) about it, how you took it, location etc.
Or maybe a photographer you follow or admire etc
We could choose a theme for each sgwrs or just go free-style.
If you enjoy photography as a serious hobby, let me know if you’d be interested and I’ll start a group for us and arrange our first hangout
Diolch pawb :slightly_smiling_face:

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