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Helo pawb! Our next Noson Lawen is just around the corner on Friday next week (June 18), starting at 7pm BST. So if you need a break from football, you’re welcome to join us on Zoom for Welsh music and poems! :notes:


Come an learn the National Anthem :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
It’s always going to be handy to know :smile:

Here’s the link:

“……o bydded i’r heniaith barhau”
(…… long live the old language)


** Noson Arbennig **
A special evening of Welsh song performed by @Hendrik.
You can receive copies of the songs by contacting Clare on e-mail, details on the poster


Closing date for the gardening competition - This Friday!

Contact @Cetra or visit #garddio on WSP


Here are the details of the gardening competition! :slight_smile: Cystadleuaeth Garddio 2021.pdf (204.2 KB)


An unique opprtunity to hear @Hendrik perform a full evening of welsh popular songs from your living room anywhere in the world.
Hendrik is well know to people who attend Sesiwn Canu and the Noson Lawen on a regular basis.
You can also singalong at home to the songs by receiving copies of the words from @clare-newbould

Looking forward to the evening :tada:


The next Noson Lawen is scheduled to happen on Friday next week, but I am still desperately looking for people to perform! So if you’d like to perform, please contact me on here, via email or on WSP. Or if you know someone who’d like to perform, please send them my way. Diolch!

Edit to add: When I was planning for the Noson Lawen in August, I seem to have underestimated the effect of the summer holidays, coupled with the general easing of Corona restrictions. So for the first time since we started last year, I didn’t manage to get enough performers to fill the Noson Lawen.


So, after having to cancel the August Noson Lawen, here are the details of the upcoming Noson Lawen in September:

As usual, if you’d like to perform, please contact me! :notes: :slight_smile:


I am happy to announce that the September Noson Lawen is going to happen as planned! A big thank you to all who came forward to perform, you are all stars! :star2:
See you next week!


Ah, so sorry to have missed this until now… looking forward to hearing it though! Diolch am gwneud o Hendrik!


Thanks to everyone – performers and audience – who attended last week’s Noson Lawen. The next Noson Lawen is happening in one month exactly, on Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae! So if you would like to perform (or watch), please let me know on here or via e-mail :notes:


This is the zoom link for the next 4 sessions:


Hi Hendrik, Gobeithio ti’n iawn. Gaf i ymuno’r Noson Lawen now yfory. Hwyl Heather


Helo pawb and thank you all for a wonderful and special Noson Lawen yesterday! The next one will be on Friday in four weeks, on November 12. If you’d like to perform in this, then please get in touch with me on here or via email! :musical_note:


Helo pawb! Due to scheduling problems, the November Noson Lawen needs to be postponed by a week, so the new date is November 19th instead. I hope I’ll see you there! :notes:


Link to the next 4 Wednesday chat at 14:00 GMT


Our next online Noson Lawen (which also happens to be the last in 2021) will be on December 10. Please let me know on here or by mail if you’d like to perform – christmas themes welcome, but not strictly necessary!


Extra Special Noson Lawen this month - 28 Jan 2022

Link to Noson Lawen tonight. Everyone welcome :tada:


Note the change this week! Nia’s usual Wednesday session will be on Friday - Dydd Miwsig Cymru!