Slovenska beseda / Slovene word


For all interested in Slovene language and not being on Facebook I’ve finally started to fill my long ago raised Talk Slovene page with the content of the “Slovenska beseda/Slovene Word” Facebook album. You will find everything related to this part of my presentation of Slovene language on the sub-site with the same name - Slovenska beseda / Slovene Word or if you navigate from the home page with the hoovering the mouse across the “Let’s Talk” tab and clicking on “Slovenska beseda/Slovene Word” link there.

For now there’s only video with Slovene Alphabet I’ve already presented here but more is to come.

Za @Efenj in njej podobnim - morda si boš tudi ti lahko kaj pomagala z njo. (For Efenj and her alike - maybe you’ll be able to find it helpful too. )


Those who want to learn Slovene they might find this useful.

Hope it comes of any use.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Just noticed this and had a quick look at your page - Your tourist board should be paying you for putting up those photos - Mae Slovenia yn hyfryd iawn!


Diolch yn fawr iawn!

I’m doing my best, along with learning Welsh, spreading the word about Slovenia and Slovene language aswell. I found a group on FB of people who are learning Slovene so I decided to take membership in order to help them with their struggles with the language. I even found a member who is learning Slovene and is half Welsh so he speaks Welsh too. Interesting things are happening online these days so I’m continuing my work.

I believe my next task will be making a kind of course on Memirse and Quizlet. If Duolingo would have plans to do the Slovene course I’d surely be in but the most I’d be into SSiSlovene if there’d exist the wish and need by founders of SSi to do one.


For the group of Slovene learners I’m testing the app “Learn Slovene - 50 languages” ahd I thought it might interest you, @Efenj, too and maybe all the rest who want to learn Slovene. It’s more like amy other app for learning languages but I found it amazing for learning how to form sentences and it teaches all versions - singular, plural, dual, masculine, feminine and neuter at more or less the same point. There are unfortunately not additional instructions or explanations but just sentences to practice correct word order.

The app is both, for Android and iOS and is offerred for each language separately or as one general app in whoch you can learn all languages they offer.

Unfortunatelly the cours is not available on PC but just the list of words in both languages and an offer to buy a book.

I hope it helps in a way.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Hi Tatjana! thanks - is it free?
Zivijo Tatjana! Hvala za ponodbo - a je to brez plačno?
Shwmae Tatjana! Mae am ddim?


Helo @Efenj. Yes it is absolutely free.

Živijo. Ja, popolnoma brezplačno je!.

Shwmae! Ie, mae am ddim.

You type 50 Languages: Learn Slovene in the search bar and you’ll get 50Languages app with which you can learn Slovene. I’ve tested it a bit and it gives you a lot of practice and 100 lessons to learn from. Lessons are short and you spend less than 20 minutes a day doing the lesson.

If you have FB acount, you can see my post in the Learn the Slovene/Slovenian Language Facebook group where I also explain some differences, mistakes and kind of errors in the course. I’m going slowly though the whole material and mark down if something isn’t quite correct or it could be said better or differently. At the moment I’m at lesson 24 though so there’ll be some time needed for me to come to the very end.

In above mentioned group you can also find other tips and resources for learning the language aswell.

Hope it helps.

(I’m sorry I didn’t type entire answer in Slovene aswell, but I’m in a bit of hurry at the moment.)