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[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party



Back to the tailor, again.


Here you go @Novem - sorted!


Should this person be allowed in?



I have some slightly more formal clothes, but I’d have to carry them around Wales with me until mid August. Trying to decide whether it’s worth it or not :smile:


If you want to bring them and leave them with me until you go back (if that works), you’re more than welcome - it’ll save you carrying them about, but I guess it depends if you get back up to Caernarfon before you leave. :slight_smile:


Oh, thank you! I should definitely be back to Caernarfon at some point, so that might be an option. Maybe I won’t look like the guy in Huw’s picture after all :smile:


Got to be my all-time favourite description of David Beckham! :grin:


When I say smart dress… :wink:

Without the hardware of course… :wink:


How about this?
(I’m reading a lot of Steampunk novels at the moment and can’t wait to read one in Welsh)


I thought this… nice and understated… :blush:


Yeah, but do you think I could carry it off? :thinking:


Only one way to find out…!


Them glasses would be empty after a quick mingle.


They’d need constant re-filling!


I think I’ll be mingling closer to @beca-brown ALL evening… :rofl:


We’d get through those just between us two I think @catrinlliarjones!


Thanks @catrinlliarjones . Any more word on the following week’s Bwt Camp yet? I’m coming form Canada and will need accommodation for it. Aran assured me I would not be homeless LOL. Thank you


Diolch, Catrin. Dwi’n mor cyfroes!! :smiley:


Can we find all the rhymes and fit in the appropriate rhythms to do a full “TG Lurgan” style adaptation on the Pointer Sisters? (Fyi: TG Lurgan have adapted famous tunes and pop songs by Avicii, Bruno Mars et al to Irish lyrics and pro-Gael sentiments).


Reminds me of a stunt my dad pulled with a few mates - they bought a car with running-boards (black one, obviously) a couple of them stood on the outside on said boards, hurtled down the High Street, screeched to a halt outside the Post Office, the whole group ran in, (long coats and big hats), bought some stamps, ran out again and the driver roared off at top-speed.
No-one talked about that for months. In the sleepy village near Portishead where he grew up…