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[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


Would you gradually replenish with shot glasses for post meal!?


Please someone take my mind off frock decisions :woozy_face: - is it time for maps yet? :nerd_face:


Here you go @siaronjames, two birds, one stone …


Love it! :heart_eyes:


But are these Peters projections? We wouldn’t want to make Europe look bigger than Africa. :grin:


“Does my Bhutan look big in this?”


Oh I’m really looking forward to this party! :rofl::joy::rofl:


No question about this man, whatever he wears…


I’ve sorted my ‘posh’ outfit for the Saturday evening but having a real dilemma…are the sunglasses going just too far!!!


That, my friend, is glorious!


Yep! :grin:

Oh fabulous!

I finally bought a dress!!! [happy dance]

Here it is…


It has sparkly bits (you can tell that I’m not a real fashion expert). :roll_eyes:


I’m coming up on the Thursday and staying until Monday. If I can help with anything, please let me know.
@siaronjames if you’re free to meet Thursday evening, I’d like to buy you that drink I owe you, may even stretch to a bag of chips!!!
If anyone else is arriving on the Thursday and would like to meet up, drop me line on here.


Hi @aliC -

My husband and I will arrive in Caernarfon on the Wednesday, staying until Monday. Perhaps we’ll run into you there!


I’ll see what I can do @aliC :slight_smile: (but really, you don’t owe me anything - all part of the service! :smiley: )


I too am coming upThursday, and said same as you… @AliCov, about being helpful, then thought to myself, what the hell use could I be… but perhaps with teamwork, there is hope even for little me… Achos ti’n deall yn well…


How do you say… Sut i ddeud yn y Gymraeg…
“This thread is likely to make me wet myself, will incontinence pads be available for the duration of the celebrations, because I might not be the only one who needs some…”

Somebody making a film called “Threads” nowadays, could make it about language learning and laughter, and it could still be a thriller/horror…


I am so pleased to be reading this!!!
Where are you staying Lorna?
Shall be paint Caernarfon RED?!
@nia.llywelyn, pryd ti’n cyrraedd yn Caernarfon? Ddylen ni dechrau parti prynhawn dydd Iau dwi’n meddwl!!!
… we should start the parti Thursday afternoon I think!!!
Whoooo Hoooooo!!!


Dydd Gwener fi’n dod :slight_smile:


Yep. Yep iawn iawn!

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