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[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


Well, I expect I’m not going to be ever so formal for the formal evening, but I’ve got myself sorted for the hog-roast… My partner found some dark green fabric in a haberdashery in Porthmadog, printed with dreigiau cochion, to make me a T-shirt with :slight_smile: (And if the one on Stryd y Plas still has cushions in the window made out of the same fabric I shall really blend in!)


Llongyfarchiadau a :cry:


Shw mae, looing forward to the weekend looks really good x


sorry I meant looking forward to the party weekend


No, not a problem at all - and llongyfarchiadau!

Once the kids are back in school tomorrow, I’ll be emailing for the balance payments and to people on the ‘bootcampish’ who have asked us to sort out accommodation :slight_smile:


Shwmae pawb! just a quick question, I paid the deposit way back in August but I havn’t had any notifications about paying the rest of the deposit, am I still able to attend or has it sold out and I havn’t paid the rest of the deposit on time? :S


Don’t worry Rhodri, your place is secure! - see Aran’s post above yours. He’ll be emailing for the balance payments tomorrow.


ardderchog! :smiley:


So how is everyone doing?

Three weeks and three days to go until the big weekend!!!

This week I shall be arranging another meeting with the organising team. Finalising decisions about table decorations. Finalising the menu. Getting the order and flow of Saturday evening in to shape and ignoring the housework… :laughing:

Oh, and I think I’m more or less finished with decking out my family… :rofl:


Ticket balance is paid, hotel is booked and the dogs are booked into kennels for the weekend. Just need to sort out what I’m wearing now… looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Seems my balance is zero, and won’t allow me to add on!
I’ll have to get you a pint in the Black Boy!


My youngest Emma and myself will as lap be staying there now as Linda can’t make it so changed accommodation.


If you have any special dietary requirements then please visit the following thread to let us know. Diolch yn fawr iawn! :slight_smile:


Tair wythnos i fory!!! / Three weeks tomorrow!!! :man_dancing: :champagne: :partying_face:



Gentlemen—your advice please—are you all planning to wear jackets and ties, or are any of you dispensing with the jackets? Tell you why I ask…

Since we are flying in from Vancouver and travelling light, Andrew has been wondering how to pack a tux or smart jacket in his rucksack for our week’s hiking in Snowdonia beforehand. He could wear a smart shirt, and ties take no room!

As for me, a little black number will fold up to nothing—no problemo!

Years ago when we were sailing in a ‘West Coast Classic—the Swiftsure’ our skipper impressed on us we should not take one ounce more than necessary, BUT there would be a formal cocktail party on the lawn of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club the evening before the race. I had this minuscule super-light black dress with spaghetti straps (little more than a glorified belt really), but no shoes—only my yellow wellies. All these posh types would engage in ‘polite conversation’ then look down, some inquiring meaningfully ‘racing tomorrow are we?’ I will try to behave, and look smart—will even scrub my hiking boots if necessary!

Truly—please let me know whether Andrew should pack a jacket and tie. He does not want to look out of place.

Diolch yn fawr,


My suggestion would be not to pack a jacket. My husband won’t be wearing one (tho he will be wearing nice clothes) so Andrew will have at least one other fellow similarly dressed.


Thank you Sionned—that could lighten the load!



I hope I don’t upset @catrinlliarjones by saying this because I know she would love a full on ball gown and tux event but smart casual is the way I’m heading and I know a couple of the other guys won’t be wearing jackets either.

(I’m hoping that someone says they’ll be wearing jeans to be honest … :wink: )


Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Andrew is really very smart, but it makes a big difference not having to carry more than necessary when we are schlepping gear around airports and train stations—especially when we are going hiking too, so have boots and cags and packs and poles…

I am just so excited at the prospect of meeting you all and really looking forward to the magical weekend—naturally we want to honour the great organizers and spirit if it being really special. Full ball gown? Not quite, but coordinated woolly socks with my frock and pearls :joy:



I’ll be wearing jeans