[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


You and me both… :scream:


Wow!! Sounds amazing. I have BOOKED the hotel non-refundable so I definitely need 2 tickets please. Hope I am now on the list :grin:


I resemble that remark!


This was probably a mis-type but I must say something … you know this is in Caernarfon and not Caerfyrddin (Carmarthen), right?


There was a question ages ago when this was being discussed of there being different tiers of attendance, wasn’t there? How would that work?

The reason I’m asking is that after this year’s party my daughter was very jealous of Daddy getting to stay in a hotel in Wales, and the possibility arose of us trying to make a family trip depending on the timing of the 10th Birthday Party. Happily, it’s at the end of our school half-term week, so there would be a possibility of us all going – but I don’t know if my partner and small children would be up for the whole shebang (I definitely would be – to uphold the honour of the Mojito 10 etc. etc.)


Catrin is very keen to customise every element of the weekend for every person who comes, but I’m afraid I’ve over-ruled her on this front - the more moving parts we have the more complicated it gets for us, and the less energy will be available to focus on making it unforgettable for everyone who can come.

We genuinely couldn’t sympathise more with the whole juggling-with-kids thing - it’s just very important for us to be realistic about what risks/complications we can and can’t take on. Sori mawr iawn… :flushed:


Yay - sounds amazing and I am definitely up for all parts, including the bwtcamp. Is the accommodation for that likely to be available for Friday and Saturday too, or should I book something separately for those nights?

Thanks so much for planning what sounds like it’s going to be really special.


Ooh, good question. I think it depends on how quickly we get numbers for the ‘free’ Bootcamp - we can certainly start looking for places now, and would be able to book from Friday to Friday, probably… it can depend, but we can look with those parameters… but I think it doesn’t make sense to start doing that until we’ve got about 10 people with hands up for the bootcamp…


Full package for me too please.


Isn’t it in Caernarfon…:eyes:


I just remembered the mohitos from the last party, and the drive home. So I have booked accommodation at…LLETY ARALL!!! They don’t quite have a booking system yet, so I may be their first booking.


I know there’s ‘plenty’ of time yet, but if anyone struggles to find rooms in the town hotels, and perhaps especially if they are thinking of bringing family, there is a large holiday park just outside of town (5 minutes drive) in Caeathro (Glan Gwna Holiday Park) which will more than likely have chalets and/or statics for let. There are also quite a few airbnb’s in the area.


Here’s a taster to whet your appetites for the main party evening. The following is a time lapse video by the Galeri of the full conversion of the theatre area for a wedding…


Yes it’s my crap spelling


Yes it’s my crap spelling I meant to say Caernarfon


Please be aware that if you stay in the Bachgen Du, I will struggle to mask my bitter jealousy…:wink:


Confirmed hotel booked. Would like two tickets for me and hubbie (who is not on the 6mws course) but happy with only one if it lets a Welsh learner join the party given the numbers are limited.


The birthday parties have always been a welcoming environment for friends and family as well… :slight_smile:

[We’ve got one special guest already who has pencilled it into her diary but wants to make sure that her ‘not very much Welsh’ won’t be a problem…:wink: ]


Sounds fantastic, no need for me to book accommodation, it’s on my doorstep! Interested in the boot camp too, although very new to ssiw so I may have a bit of catching up to do!


Argh…was just about to book when discovered that my nieces’ s wedding is that weekend in Spain and I have to take my 95 year old Mother there. I’ll be so sorry to miss the birthday party. It sounds as if it will be great and I will look forward to heating all about it.
Thank you for all the organising and great enthusiasm @catrinlliarjones . I hope to be able to meet up again at some stage.