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[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


Thanks Tatjana.


Diolch Catrin. Popeth yn iawn heblaw bod Sarah yn cael cimo. Ond bron wedi gorffen rwan a dan ni’n disgwyl datrysiad da yn y diwedd. Maen nhw’n dweud bod nhw’n medru iachau’r peth. Swn i ddim yn gwneud naid bynji efo’r ots maen nhw’n rhoid iddi, ond dan ni’n dal yn hyderus y bydd hi’n gwella’n llwyr.


Diolch yn fawr iawn, Cartin, am y rhestr ddefnyddiol hon, @catrinlliarjones!


Bore da Party people!

We now have just over two weeks to go!!!

I have another meeting with the events manager and catering manager at the venue on Friday to finalise a few arrangements. @aran and @beca-brown are busily refining guest lists and planning Saturday’s timetables. @justineabbott is pulling out all the stops to ensure that Friday evening’s feast is amazing, juggling to-do lists and spreadsheet-ing like a ninja and @siaronjames has worked her magic to arrange some wonderful surprises for the Saturday evening.

I am now at your disposal from now until the big weekend. If you have any questions or concerns or If there’s anything you think I could help with then please don’t hesitate to ask either here or in a private message.


I can’t go to the party now so that’s another ticket for the waiting list.
Have a fantastic time everyone.

tagging @aran


Is there still a waiti list?


Yes, there is a waiting list of sorts - though we’re more or less sorted. But all should be finalised by the middle of next week as we have to confirm final numbers.


My wife’s dress turned up today and she looks absolutely stunning in it. That’s easily the best £23.85 I’ve ever spent. Now, what the heck am I going to wear?


Did you have a look at the link I answered Cai with a while back? :joy:


You and the beard, plus something to cover your modesty. But if your wife is looking stunning, something to match.


My beard would cover my modesty. :joy:

No, I’ll go in search of it now.


My beard would cover my modesty. :joy:

You either have an exaggerated view of your beard or an over-modest view of what needs to be covered. :laughing:


A bit of both maybe. I do know that no-one will know whether I’m wearing a dickie bow or not.


In all modesty, I can say that there will be no doubt in my case.


Sorry Siaron, where is it?


@gruntius :smile:


I caught a glimpse of Eurovision, and the Iceland entry were wearing some very party-like outfits. Perhaps something similar?

They had flesh-coloured bodysuits underneath, if you’re worried about that whole modesty thing…


A, wela i rwan. Thanks Cai. No need to worry about no being able to tie a dickie bow either. :grinning:


My recommendation:


jesd un cwestion … when does the Sat evening event begin - i.e. when should we show up for our welcome drink :wink: