[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


Spoiler alert has just turned RED!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… :notes:
Well it is from what you’re typing!!
Ah, you’re entitled :wink:


Clashes with the final days of the Urdd Eisteddfod - which I’ve already committed to. :worried:


I’ve booked accommodation next door to the venue! Party time! :smile:


Nobody’s actually meant to be at the Urdd for the WHOLE WEEK! Stop this madness. There’s no way the Urdd would miss you as much as WE WILL. :scream:


OK then, I have optimistically ticked definite! Double room booked, no kids, possibility of cancellation. There is even a plan afoot that my other half will have learnt a significant amount of Welsh by then, and what better opportunity to try it out?!

(Presuming that a place can be found for the kids at this kind of notice, and that we won’t have to do Urdd at that end of the week.)


Sorry I was unclear. I meant would it be ok for clive and I to come to the party and then I would just stay on for bwtcamp?


Absolutely! What will Clive do for the bootcamp week?


Accommodation booked. One ticket please. Bwtcamp is a possibility


At one and the same time, my good wife and I will not need to book accommodation and we are - in effect - booking permanent accommodation. If current plans get completed as intended, we shall be living about 3 miles from the venue within the next few weeks, having bought our new home :slight_smile:


Wow - llongyfarchiadau MAWRION mawr i chi’ch dau!


No, I’m just meant to be there for the final weekend (though I’m always tempted to be there for the whole week!). Let me see if I can shift things around - It’s plenty of notice, after all! :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Accommodation booked, see you there!! x
(can I have two tickets please)?


Aaaand I also have booked accommodation…

It seems that the best way to arrive is (still) flying to Manchester. Yeah, this is a bit early but anyone else coming from that direction?




Sorry, just to clarify, accommodation is booked. Could you put me down for 2 tickets please.


Have confirmed with OH that there are no competing (railway) events and we’re good to go, so have changed from a definitely maybe to a definitely. 2 tickets pretty please…

and we can offer a spare room to anyone needing accommodation if you’re happy to share a taxi back :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for all the organising. Waiting with bated breath for more details!


Accommodation all sorted for me & Mr @pippapritchard too. Disgwyl mawr!


Clive will travel on to visit family and pick me up again at the end of bwtcamp. This means I won’t have my own transport but I hope it won’t be too much of a problem.
Clive says there are no problems only solutions.:joy::joy:


It’s a bit of a detour for me coming from Portsmouth, but if no-one else can help, I’ll pick you up.