[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


I would like to come but I’m in Corfu for a couple of weeks. If there are still places still available when I get back then I will ask my boss if I can have that weekend off when I go back to work :slight_smile:


Accommodation booked :grinning:


Ahem. Accommodation booked. One, please. :slight_smile:


One please. Accommodation booked and Bootcamp afterwards. Diolch.


Count me in! (accommodation made). Throw in a bootcamp from overseas. :slight_smile:


I’ve booked my accommodation - non refundable. So that’s one more for the party and the bootcamp please.


I have booked room in a guesthouse for Thursday, Friday & Saturday night so a place for me please! Bwtcamp too, please, if places are not already all gone. If you need a volunteer assistant for admin/set up/anything else for SSiW (not requiring provision of a car) Friday daytime, I’m willing.


Interested in boot camp too! Diolch


Newyddion ardderchog!


Booking now open, folks - if you’ve already booked accommodation, please get your ticket deposits sorted asap (but I have kept a small number in reserve just to make sure that we don’t end up not having places for everyone).

We’re seeing this as THE party. We’re putting heart and soul into making it unforgettable - just as YOU (plural!) have spent the last 10 years making this community unforgettable… :slight_smile: :heart:



Two deposits paid. :+1:t2:


Sorry @aran, Paypal isn’t giving me the option to check out as a guest.


Two deposits paid - edrychaf ymlaen!


Ugh, sorry, don’t know what’s happening there - maybe leave it a day or so and try again? If not, once everyone’s back from their holidays, I’ll ask Ifan to try and figure it out… :slight_smile:


Folks - just to say, about 10% of the spaces are gone already (it’s moving much faster than I’d expected, and this is before any messages in the weekly email), so please don’t hang around if you’ve already booked accommodation!.. :slight_smile: :heart:


See you there. :slight_smile: This time maybe less briefly than at parti Caerfyrddin June 2018! :wink:


Wedi bwco :laughing:
(Paypal “guest” payment worked OK with me using latest Firefox on Windows 10.)


Yup. Payment system could unkindly be called “clunky”, but so could I :confused:


Thanks for the hint Huw. @aran. Goolge chrome didn’t give me the option, Opera did.


I’ve booked accommodation for the party and have the option for booking the following week as well. Do I need to book accommodation for Bootcamp or is that something totally separate / depends on whether I get a place? I’m not sure on how it works???